SoHo Engagement: Jill and Josh

I met Jill and Josh at one of their favorite restaurants, The NoHo Star, to begin their engagement session.

SoHo Engagement NoHo Star photography NY

NoHo Star Bleecker Street Photography

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Jill and Josh met in Manhattan Beach, California, in 2003 at the Hennessy’s Bar and Tavern. Jill was a regular. She would walk in and there Josh would be, sitting by himself at the bar, reading a book. She says, “I never believed he was really reading it. I think those were our only words for the first few years we knew each other, “You’re not really reading that, are you?”….. “Yes.”

It wasn’t until 2006 that their relationship really bloomed. At a friend’s wedding in New York Josh liked Jill’s dress. Josh shares, “The first time I saw Jill in a dress was the last time I wondered who it was that I would marry. Because of that day in the dress our relationship withstood a year and a half long distance between New York and Cairo… and the 2006 World Series.”

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SoHo NYC engagement photography graffiti

SoHo NYC engagement photography graffiti

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SoHo NYC engagement photography graffiti street

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SoHo NYC engagement photography autumn

In January of 2011, Jill and Josh were finally together in New York City. They add, “Studio apartment? We got this!” Now living in Long Island City, Jill adds, “I have two great views:  Josh and the Manhattan skyline.”

On September 29, 2012, Josh took Jill back to the church where they both attended that fateful wedding. He stood in the same spot that he saw Jill in that memorable dress and asked if she would marry him.  She said…

“Can you say it one more time?? (I mean, why not?)”

He did, and she said.  “Yes!!!”

Just as they began celebrating in the Roman Catholic church, a priest came by and blessed them. They will have a Jewish wedding.  : )

Jill adds, “Josh always seemed so quiet and shy… but he’s totally goofy and cracks me up!  I mean, he’ll travel to Cairo to be with me AND take engagement pictures at the Forbidden Planet. Total Score.”

Forbidden Planet unique engagement photography NYC

Forbidden Planet comic book store engagement photography NYC

Forbidden Planet comic books engagement photography NYC

They will be married at The Foundry in New York City in February.

Happy engagement, Jill and Josh!











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