Baby Weston, Such a Cutie!

Maria and Daavi welcomed an adorable baby boy into the world in September. I was so excited to spend some time with this little heart breaker at their home in Rockville, Maryland.

Meet Weston:

baby portrait photography maryland

Maria shares, “Weston Thomas Zain was born on September 19, 2013, at Shady Grove Hospital. He was a little early but still a healthy 6 lbs, 7 oz.  I remember thinking from the moment I saw him how he already looked like a little cute boy, especially after his first bath when his rock-n-roll hair was revealed!

The name Weston came from many discussions between my husband and me.  We really wanted a name that sounded distinguished but also laid back, which turned out not to be an easy task.  And we thought it was important to give him a unique name, to help him stand out. The middle name Thomas was a name I always liked and we felt it would balance out his unique first name.  It just rolled off the tongue.

When we brought Weston home from the hospital, both our families couldn’t get over what a “good baby” he was.  He has been really great from day one with eating, sleeping and now playing.  It is pretty clear that he has an independent streak in him.  He doesn’t care to be held for very long and prefers to be out and about looking around at the world, He especially likes to study people’s faces and does this with great intensity and seriousness.

Weston changes a little bit every day and we are always excited to see new developments.”

newborn baby portrait photography maryland

newborn baby portrait photography rockville, maryland

Cute baby photography

Cute baby photography

Cute baby family photography

family portrait photography maryland

newborn baby nursery sail boats anchors

So serious.

Cute baby photo pajamas

And so sleepy!

baby portrait photography rockville maryland

Congratulations to the happy family!












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