Snowy Georgetown and DC: Happy Engagement Anne and Ross!

Anne and Ross told me they don’t have many pictures of the two of them together, so they went all out for their engagement shoot. We went everywhere and had so much fun!

It just so happened that we planned the engagement shoot on Valentine’s day. So the photos started off with a great big heart balloon at the metro station near their home.

heart balloon on DC metro, engagement photography

heart balloon Washington DC, engagement photography

Ross has become a part of a family. He says, “Anne introduced me to her little girl, Bridgett, the sweetest and most stubborn dog.  Bridgett is now our little girl and by far the most important part of our lives.”

Anne adds, “Ross has been there for me through so much: my hectic schedule when going to law school at night during our early years of dating, my even more hectic schedule as an associate at a big law firm, and four major orthopedic surgeries. But it was only when I found myself confident that Ross would take as good care of Bridgett when I traveled for work as I would that I was sure I had a keeper! On my first trip away, he even created a blog so I could keep up with Bridgett’s activities and listen to the little noises she makes when she’s sleeping!”

bull terrier wedding engagement photography

wedding engagement photography with a dog

cute bull terrior dog wedding engagement photography

Next stop, we went to one of the coolest locations I have ever been! Ross found this church while scouting for a vibrant and interesting location to include in the engagement session. This church was recreated by artist Alex Hense Brewer, who was commissioned to re-purpose a dilapidated, vacant  building and create a work of art.

Graffiti church in Southwest Washington DC

Painted colorful church in Southwest Washington DC

Next we made our way to Georgetown by the canal.

Anne and Ross, you guys are TOO cute!

Georgetown, Washington DC, engagement photography

Georgetown, Washington DC, engagement photography

Georgetown, Washington DC, engagement photography

Georgetown Washington DC engagement photography

Georgetown Washington DC engagement photography

Ross tells the great proposal story, “For me, while I have known for some years I wanted to be with Anne for the rest of my life, I knew this year was the year to confirm that she wanted to be with me.  I wanted to make it memorable, fun, and have the moment captured for the rest of our lives.  Anne has always loved going to amusement parks and really wanted to go this past summer.  I knew this would be perfect, but wasn’t sure how to make it work.  The idea I had was to propose on a roller coaster right before/when they take your picture.  The first coaster we road reminded me that I was old and made me start to rethink the idea as I already had butterflies in my stomach and wasn’t sure I could hold them down.  We road another less brain scattering coaster only to find that they no longer provided you with a the picture.  Finally, we road Ricochet which was much more tame and it took a picture.  I convinced her to ride it a second time immediately after, and proposed right before the camera snapped the picture.”

Anne was so surprised, “The Ricochet may be a tame roller coaster but I was breathless and noodle-legged walking off! We now have a picture from the moment that includes two random kids who were in the same car as us and who have no idea what they were a part of!”

Georgetown bridge, Washington DC, engagement photography

Georgetown, Washington DC, engagement photography

Anne looked gorgeous in her little black dress, but she told me on the way to the last stop in the snow that she is really a pony tail kind of girl. She loves heels but feels more comfortable in workout gear. All of a sudden, she unleashed the beast!

Football engagement session photography

Ross shares the story of how they met playing flag football in college, “I had played in the league for a few years, but not on the Clemson team.  I showed up not knowing anyone and played quite well the first game.  The next game Anne asked if I wanted to warm up with her.  I’ll never forget being equally impressed and embarrassed by how much better than me she threw the football.”

Anne continues, “He scored a couple touchdowns in that second game and it was my turn to be impressed.  He was so fast!  I sent him an email the following day.  We started dating very soon after, and it was quickly evident how much we both loved sports.”

Ross adds, “I like to think that those were the most important touchdowns I ever scored in my life. Over the past nine years or so we have played together in countless flag football games across six or seven different leagues, snowboarded across Pennsylvania and Colorado, and followed the Baltimore Ravens through disappointment and a Super Bowl victory!  We’ve seen hundreds of movies, watched way too many reality shows, and even tried hip-hop dance classes together.”

Football engagement session photography

Football engagement session photography

Snow boarding snowy engagement photography

winter snow engagement photography

So much fun!

Throw snow animated gif engagement photography

snow engagement photography

Their wedding will be at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown this summer. The ceremony will be outside in the garden followed by cocktails in the Ritz’s bar and a reception in the Fahrenheit ballroom.

Anne shares, “Bridgett will, of course, be my maid of honor and be a part of the wedding!  She’s still mulling over what she’d like to wear though. Other favorite details of mine so far are the Ritz accommodating a vegan wedding cake and my beautiful gown!”

Ross adds, “I’m most excited to see our vision of the wedding come to fruition and see our friends and families reactions.  We are doing the planning ourselves and I just can’t wait to see it all come together.  I am also quite interested to see Anne in her dress as she has purposely kept all details hidden from me. We’re also extremely excited about the rehearsal dinner as we plan to have it at the new Pinstripes in Georgetown where we will have dinner and then bowl with our friends and family.”

Happy Engagement Anne and Ross!











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