Jordana and Jonathan both live in Brooklyn and love Prospect Park. We spent a beautiful autumn afternoon walking through the park and around the boathouse.

brooklyn engagement prospect parkbrooklyn engagement prospect parkbrooklyn engagement prospect park
brooklyn engagement prospect parkengagement prospect park boathouse brooklyn
brooklyn engagement prospect parkbrooklyn engagement prospect park
Jonathan shares, “When I met Jordana, I had been living in Brooklyn for a little over a year to attend NYU for a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East. At that point, I had been on my fair share of dates in search for the one. Jordana—having started med school at SUNY Downstate just two months prior—was new to the New York Jewish dating scene when she downloaded Coffee Meets Bagel. Jordana later told me that she had the app for less than a week when I got matched with her in October 2016. Actually, it was Jordana’s first and only Coffee Meets Bagel date. After a few messages back and forth, we decided to meet for coffee at Cafe Regular du Nord in Park Slope. It was drizzling that day, a perfect day to sip some hot coffee. On the date, we spoke about our lives, interests, families, and values. I was really struck by how easy it was to talk to Jordana and how comfortable we were with each other. To conclude our first date, we walked around for a little bit in Prospect Park—making it the perfect place to have our engagement photos taken. We met for a second date later that week and, with each subsequent date, I realized more and more the extent to which we connected on every level, just how perfectly compatible we are. I think it’s fair to say that we are thoroughly obsessed with each other.”

It was time to pop the question.

Jordana shares, “About a month before the proposal, Jonathan asked me to join him at the annual welcome party for his academic department at NYU over Labor Day weekend. Jonathan also told me he had training all day for his teaching assistant gig prior to the party. He said that the plan was for him to travel with his peers from training and meet me at a colleague’s apartment in Park Slope before we all headed to the party as one large group. Throughout the day, Jonathan texted me about the details of his training, fully convincing me that he was actually there. I got all ready for the party, hoping to make a good impression on Jonathan’s colleagues and professors.

After Jonathan told me that he had returned from training, he ordered me an Uber to meet him at his colleague’s apartment. I saw that the Uber was going near Café Regular du Nord, the café where we had our first date and thought it was a funny coincidence that the apartment was next door. As the Uber pulled up to its destination, Jonathan sent me a text, ‘Meet me where our paths first crossed.’ I was so oblivious—I realized nothing at this point and thought the cute text was Jonathan’s way of letting me know he was waiting by the café. When I got out of the car, I was pretty confused because Jonathan was nowhere in sight. I did see a photographer out of the corner of my eye, but assumed it was just a ‘Brooklyn thing.’ To my surprise, I looked into Cafe Regular du Nord and saw Jonathan standing inside smiling, waiting for me to come in. I opened the door to find the cafe decorated with flowers, framed pictures of the two of us, tea lights and rose petals. After professing his love to me, Jonathan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him—I said yes!”

nyc engagement
brooklyn engagement
brooklyn engagement

Their laughter was infectious. How can you look at this photo and not smile!? You guys are so sweet and so full of love for each other—it was a joy to capture!

brooklyn engagement

The couple is getting married next October.

Congratulations Jordana and Jonathan!

Megumi and Joomin were married on a beautiful day in Brooklyn. Preparations began at an apartment in Williamsburg.

asian bride wedding photography asian bride wedding photography asian groom wedding photographyfirst look

After a very sweet first look, we headed to Dumbo for some photos. Joomin proposed to Megumi at this spot on the pier and it was very meaningful for them to go back to the place where she said “yes!”

dumbo pier brooklyn wedding photography dumbo brooklyn wedding photography Janes Carousel brooklyn wedding

These two photos at Jane’s Carousel perfectly illustrate Megumi and Joomin. They are sweet and emotional, but also silly and tons of fun!

jane carousel Brooklyn wedding dumbo brooklyn wedding photography groomsmenMyMoon wedding MyMoon wedding

The ceremony was held outside in the garden at MyMoon.

MyMoon weddingmymoon wedding brooklynmymoon weddingmymoon wedding brooklyn

Joomin is a trained singer and is currently starring in the Off-Broadway show, “KPOP.” His voice is beautiful! He sang “You and I” by Michael Buble to Megumi just before they shared their vows.

Megumi shares, “My favorite moment was when Joomin sang for me during the ceremony. He kept his eyes on me, and sang to me as his voice was shaking to hold down his tears. I will never forget his face, his voice, and his emotion. At that moment, it really hit me that we are getting married and that we are in front of friends and families, who are witnessing our love.”

mymoon wedding brooklynmymoon wedding brooklynmymoon wedding brooklynmymoon wedding brooklyn


Megumi says, “Even though we come from two separate traditions, Japanese and Korean, we decided to celebrate our marriage “our way.” We didn’t follow any books to plan our wedding, we just put all the things we wanted to do together, and asked the people we love to be part of it. But Joomin’s mom did wear a traditional Korean outfit for the wedding and she was stunning!”

wedding toastmymoon wedding venue

The look of the venue was very important to the couple. Megumi shares, “We were looking for a venue with exposed bricks since our apartment has exposed bricks and we are totally in love with it. When we went for a tour, we instantly fell in love with it. So cute, perfect for the number of guests we were planning on inviting, and we loved that the venue included delicious food and great drinks. We also loved that we could project our names and the date of the wedding on the outside wall too!”

mymoon wedding venue  mymoon weddingmymoon wedding dance

When you have amazing friends who are brilliant Broadway performers, why not have a cabaret hour at your reception? Friends sang love songs to the newlyweds and, of course, the stars of “KPOP” had to sing a song to Megumi! KPOP sang “사랑의 노래” which means “Song of Love” (music and lyrics by Max Vernon and Helen Park).

“사랑의 노래 난 언제나 너만,
바라볼꺼라 약속 할꺼야 소중한 이 자리에.
수줍은 그대 미소 바라볼때마다 난 행복해.
언제까지나 오 영원토록 You are my biggest star.”

This translates to: “Song of love I promise you that I only love you in this special moment. My shy girl, your smile always makes me happy. Forever and ever you are my biggest star.”

kpop broadway starsmymoon wedding guests mymoon wedding

Many emotional speeches were delivered during dinner. Megumi shares, “Since we are from multilingual backgrounds, we made sure that everyone in the room could understand the speeches. We had our friends translate the speeches to English, Korean, and Japanese so everyone could feel included. Joomin’s dad’s speech was all in Korean, but with the translation everyone was able to understand and get emotional with us!”

mymoon weddingwedding cake with flowers and a big bow

I don’t often get to see a good cake smash. This one was awesome! Megumi really went for it!

smash wedding cake photomymoon nightmymoon lighting

Congratulations Megumi and Joomin!

You can also see their engagement photos here.

Special thanks to the team:
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt
Venue: MyMoon
Officiant: Linda Jacobson
Cake: Kuramata Cakes, Hiroyo Kuramata
DJ/Band: Franklin Ayara
Hair and Makeup: Sachiko Yanase
Rings: Jangmi
Bride’s Dress Designer /Shop: Rana’s Bridal

Judy and Mike were married on a beautiful day at MyMoon in Brooklyn. The day was filled with friends, family, and lots of love, along with an appearance by their French bulldog puppy, Zoe, a combining of their cultures with a chuppah and Chinese tea ceremony, and lots and lots of dancing!
brooklyn wedding photography
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
groom floral bowtie
french bulldog wedding
Judy and Mike shared a first look outside of MyMoon.
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
french bulldog wedding
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
brooklyn wedding photography nyc
Judy shares, “Mike and I were able to incorporate our Jewish and Chinese cultures into our wedding, which made it really special for both our families. We got married under a beautiful chuppah and followed that with a Chinese tea ceremony where we served tea to our parents and aunts and uncles to show respect and appreciation. We also surprised Mike’s parents by getting a small replica of their wedding cake made. Mike’s mom was thrilled when she saw it; her reaction was priceless! Thirty seconds later, after realizing what he was staring at, Mike’s dad was ecstatic as well.

We wanted the wedding to be fun and for everyone to have a good time, and I think we set the tone with Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” as our processional song. I loved that we had funny moments during our ceremony, including Mike getting dizzy from circling me seven times during the seven blessings. Although we didn’t get to spend much time with her, I was so happy that Zoe, our French bulldog puppy, made an appearance and was able to walk down the aisle and be a part of our wedding day.”

Mike shares his favorite moments, “While there are many moments to choose from there were a few that stood out for me. Dancing with Judy surrounded by our friends and family was a moment when we were able to acknowledge the love and support in our lives. Staring into her eyes smiling, giggling, and dancing was pure joy. The party bus to the after-party was unforgettable as well. Everyone was radiating positive vibes and energy, and we were so happy that everyone was having a great time.

Also, instead of getting a wedding cake, we decided to mix things up with our favorite doughnuts from Dough. They were a huge hit…who doesn’t love a good doughnut?!”
My Moon wedding brooklyn
My Moon wedding
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
After the ceremony, cocktail hour began and the Chinese tea ceremony took place under the chuppah.
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
The Chinese tea ceremony includes an exchange of tea and blessings between the bride and groom and close family. Judy’s parents also gave gold jewelry to each of them.
chinese tea ceremony
chinese tea ceremony
MyMoon wedding brooklyn chinese tea ceremony
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
Judy shares why they chose MyMoon, “We both wanted a rustic urban vibe, and MyMoon was perfect. With dark wooden tables, high ceilings, amber lighting, and exposed brick all around, we kept our own decorations to a minimum because it was already so beautiful inside. The outdoor patio provided a great contrast for the ceremony with its lush greenery.”
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
Judy and Mike shared their first dance to the Drake cover of ASTR’s “Hold On We’re Going Home.”
first dance
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
MyMoon wedding brooklyn
Congratulations Judy and Mike!
Also, check out their engagement photos on the Lower East Side.

Special thanks to the team:
Venue: MyMoon, Coordinator: Lee Chappell
Doughnuts: Dough
Cake: Sugar Couture
DJs: Dash Speaks and NSR
Florist: Stems Brooklyn
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Makeup and Hair: Love Your Face Beauty
Mike’s Ring: David Yurman
Judy’s Ring: Anna Sheffield
Bride’s Dress Designer: Jenny Packham at Gabriella
Bride’s Shoes: Pink Paradox London
Groom’s Shoes: Cole Haan
Jewelry: Engagement necklace from Mike’s mom, earrings purchased in Hong Kong by Judy’s mom
Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS
Groom and Groomsmen’s Suits: My.Suit
Groom’s bow tie: Suited Man; Groomsmen’s bow ties: The Tie Bar
Photography: Jessica Schmitt Photography

Ashlee and Elmo are known for taking the untraditional approach. They created a beautiful Brooklyn garden wedding surrounded by twinkly lights, natural dried lavender touches, excellent Italian food and lots of love.

bohemian brooklyn wedding photography

brooklyn wedding photography

brooklyn wedding photography

Williamsburg Brooklyn wedding

Williamsburg Brooklyn wedding

The ceremony and reception were held in the beautiful Williamsburg restaurant, Acqua Santa. The ceremony began with the song Love Minus Zero by Bob Dylan and the bride’s entrance to Forever Young by Joan Baez.

Acqua Santa Brooklyn wedding

Acqua Santa Brooklyn wedding

Acqua Santa Brooklyn wedding

Acqua Santa Brooklyn wedding

Acqua Santa wedding ceremony

Acqua Santa wedding ceremony

Elmo had to ask Ashlee to marry him more than once before he got it right, and planned the perfect proposal. Ashlee shares, “Not being known for our traditional approach, marriage got a bit lost in the shuffle for the two of us. After starting a family the subject naturally came to the surface on occasion. Elmo found ways to ask me for my hand in marriage that seemed less than romantic, thus was denied. A few examples? While nursing our new daughter at the end of a long day, this new mother tired and just wanting to take a shower would hear Elmo (whilst taking a beer from the fridge) say, “We should just get married!” or, Elmo mentioning how silly it was to note her as “girlfriend” on his contact information for work, would state, “Let’s just get married!” Ever the romantic!

On July 5th, 2015, while visiting Elmo’s family in Alabama everything changed. We were taking the annual Ranelli family photos.  Elmo, diapering their daughter, Iris, said something about getting a beer and disappeared just when it was their turn for individual family pictures. When he finally emerged with Iris, being carried facing him, I noticed that she was no longer wearing her purposefully selected outfit. Instead she was in a plain white onesie. My reaction was to ask, over and over, “What had happened to her outfit?” as any mother would, fearing the worst, but was given no response. Confused by Elmo’s silence I found myself getting a bit frustrated, until he was about a foot away from me. At that point, he turned Iris around, held her up in the air (Lion King style) and dropped down on one knee. It was at that moment, I noticed the ring painted on the front of her onsie and I heard the simple question that followed from the man I loved, “Will you marry me now!?” Of course, the answer was finally yes!”

brooklyn wedding

brooklyn wedding

brooklyn wedding

brooklyn wedding

brooklyn wedding

Ashlee and Elmo wanted to be surrounded by a small group of the people they loved the most, they wanted to laugh and relax and they wanted lots and lots of good food!  Ashlee shares, “We visited Acqua Santa and fell in love immediately. The space already had the magical garden setting that we knew would be the perfect backdrop and the food was amazing. We wanted a day where things seemed natural and easy, the style for the wedding reflected that with dried lavender and touches of sage and wheat and a fall garden with lots of sparkle coming from twinkling lights and candles. It also felt a bit bohemian with a touch of sophistication and class.”


Aqcua Santa

Baked brooklyn wedding cake

wedding cake and whiskey

Brooklyn wedding dance

wedding favors lavender

Brooklyn wedding romantic photography

Congratulations Ashlee and Elmo!

Special thanks to the team:
Venue: Acqua Santa
Flowers: Paula Jeans Garden, Etsy
Dress Designer: BLHLDN
Shoes: BeholdenBridal, Etsy
Makeup & Hair: Park Suhyun
Bride’s Ring: Catbird, Groom’s Ring: RobertWBruce, Etsy
Suit Designer:  Calvin Klein
Bride’s Earrings, Head Piece, Purse: Pippen Vintage Jewelry
Cake: Baked
Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas

Cathy and Adrian were married on a gorgeous summer day in Brooklyn. They began the day at the Andaz Hotel with friends and family.

brooklyn wedding dress

brooklyn wedding dress

brooklyn wedding, wedding photography

The couple shared a first look outside of their venue, Brooklyn’s 501 Union. The art deco lamps, retro palms wallpaper and skylight make this venue one of my absolute FAVORITES!

wedding 501 Union

501 Union, wedding, brooklyn

501 union wedding

501 union wedding

Cathy, you look STUNNING!

wedding 501 union

Just down the street is the Gowanus Canal–a perfect stop for some photos. As I was snapping away, people on bikes and in cars drove by cheering and honking for the couple!

501 union wedding, gowanus canal

501 union wedding photography, gowanus canal, brooklyn

bridesmaids purple and pink bouquets

501 union wedding photography, brooklyn

501 union wedding

501 union wedding photography, brooklyn

While I was photographing the bridesmaids and groomsmen, Eric, my awesome second shooter and amazing husband, took these wonderful portraits of the ring bearer and flower girl.

ring bearer in a tuxedo cute

The ceremony took place at the Saint Agnes Roman Catholic Church.

wedding brooklyn catholic church

St Agnes, wedding brooklyn catholic church

After the couple said “I DO!” they traveled back to 501 for the cocktail hour and reception.

Cathy shares, “When Adrian and I started the wedding planning process, we knew we didn’t want a formal, seated dinner. We wanted our reception to be a big party, so we decided to go with a cocktail-style reception, with lots of random seating scattered throughout the venue. We visited tons of wedding venues in Brooklyn and Manhattan, but none of them felt right to us. Then we heard about a new venue opening in our neighborhood – 501 Union. We went to a wedding fair at 501, and fell in love with the venue. It’s such a unique and interesting space, and we knew it would really lend itself to a cocktail-style reception. Plus, we loved the fact that it was in our neighborhood, allowing us to share that part of our lives with our guests.

One of the best things about 501 Union is that food trucks can drive right into the front garden area, so we knew we wanted to have a food truck at some point in our reception.  We were already working with a great caterer (Marcey Brownstein), so we decided to use the pizza truck as a fun late-night snack for our guests.  There are tons of great food truck options in New York, but pizza is my favorite food so it was a pretty easy choice for me!”

purple flower wedding centerpieces

501 union cocktails bar

501 union

Cathy and Adrian shared their first dance to Led Zeppelin’s Thank You.

501 union

Then it was time to PARTY!

brooklyn wedding

brooklyn wedding

wedding cake with bride groom and dog topper

wedding photo booth

Congratulations Cathy and Adrian!

For more photos, check out the slideshow:

Also, check out their Brooklyn engagement photos here.

Special thanks to all the vendors:
Church: Saint Agnes Roman Catholic Church
Venue: 501 Union, Brooklyn
Officiant: Deacon Leroy Branch
Caterer: Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events
Cake: One Girl
Cake Topper: Etsy’s Licorice Wits
Band: Just the Tip
Florist: Seaport Flowers
Invitations: Bella Figura

Signage: Sharp Shooter Signs

Photo Booth: Magnolia Photo Booth
Makeup: Candace Henderson of Lo & Co.
Hair: Dennis Trotta of Pierre Michel Salon
Rings: Michael F. & Co.
Bride’s Dress Designer: Allure Bridals
Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff
Groom’s Tuxedo Designer and Bow Tie: Hugo Boss
Groomsmen Tuxedo Designer: Calvin Klein/Men’s Wearhouse










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