I met Dana and Garret and their sweet pups, Hazel and Harper at Table Mountain. 

Just North of downtown Golden, along the eastern flank of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, sits Table Mountain. Lava flows formed the mountain about 60 million years ago. The trails offer beautiful views and wildflowers and it’s a great place to bring your dog (on it’s leash, of course!).

Congratulations Dana and Garret!


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I met Leenae and Chad at Red Rocks for their engagement session. The wildflowers were all in bloom and we had a beautiful evening to celebrate!

Leenae shares, “Chad and I went on our first date in March of 2015, but didn’t officially start dating until July of 2016. At the time of our first date, I was traveling quite a bit for work and thought a relationship may be difficult to manage so I decided to stop seeing Chad. A year after our first date, I reached back out to him because I felt like he was someone I cut loose too soon. Chad then told me he was too busy and traveling too much for a girlfriend. It took him a few months, but he eventually came back around and we began seeing each other more regularly.  

We steadily dated for 4.5 years before Chad proposed. We planned a trip to Arizona with his friends in March of 2020 and planned to leave immediately after our workdays. Throughout the day, I packed my bags in between meetings to make sure I was ready to go at 5 pm. At noon, I noticed that Chad had only packed his frisbee golf set. As we were approaching 5 pm, Chad had asked me to help him organize his suitcase since he wasn’t able to do it throughout the day. While I agreed to help, I was extremely frustrated with him. Tucked away in our luggage, was a ring box that I initially missed. Once I discovered it, Chad had asked me to marry him and he had secretly set up a camera to capture the moment (although apparently I was standing in the wrong spot, so the quality of the video wasn’t great). With the quick turnaround for the airport, we called our friends and families on the road. Needless to say, the proposal was everything I had wished for: a moment that I’d least expected, in an intimate setting that is our private memory to share, in the first home we had shared as a couple.  

With both of us being Colorado natives, we wanted to take full advantage of all the scenery Colorado has to offer. Our wedding ceremony will take place in Evergreen to enjoy the front range with the reception being in Golden, where Chad went to school. In August, we are moving to Chad’s hometown, Brush, to be closer to his family. We’re currently in the process of renovating an old farm house that has been in Chad’s family for nearly 100 years. In order to move this city girl to a farm town, we’ve compromised to raise Pygmy goats and eventually (hopefully) alpacas and pigs.”

Congratulation Leenae and Chad!


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I met Jessie and James in a beautiful Denver park full of cherry blossoms. Their love and joy was infectious and we had so much fun!

Jessie shares, “James and I met through a total coincidence of mutual people we knew. Our first conversation was on the night of his sister’s wedding and we stayed up and talked for seven hours!

He makes everything in my life better and I never understood “better half” until I met this man who completely complements me.

We went to Telluride for our seventh anniversary and he proposed in the morning with our dog Pretzel. The seven year anniversary gift is copper and around pretzels neck he was wearing a copper dog tag that said “Will you marry my dad?” to which my response was, “This isn’t happening.” and I turn around and James was down on one knee in our beautiful hotel room.”

Denver cherry blossoms

The couple is getting married in the backyard of Jessie’s childhood home, along the waterfront in New York.

She adds, “James asked me to be his girlfriend on October 11, 2013, asked me to be his wife on October 11, 2020, and we are going to both say I do on October 11, 2021, surrounded by everyone we love.”

Happy engagement Jessie and James!

Special thanks to Rachel Wise of Wise Artistry for Jessie’s gorgeous hair and makeup.


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brainard lake colorado

I met Anna and Jim at Brainard Lake for their engagement session. We walked along the lake, played with their sweet pup, Abe, saw an eagle and moose and celebrated their relationship.

brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography

Anna shares, “I used to work at a local brewery as an events planner, marketing manager and occasional bartender. During my shifts behind the bar, I noticed a tall man with a charming southern accent who came in often. Most Boulderites who frequent breweries wear flat brim hats and Grateful Dead T-shirts, so I was intrigued by this very well-dressed unicorn of a man who worked in finance. It helped that this man, whose name I came to learn was Jim, was best friends with my friend Kris–a manager of mine from my first job in Boulder.

Jim and Kris came in regularly and sat at the bar. Despite many months of what I thought was extremely overt flirting, Jim somehow never got it. Eventually I just asked him out and he said yes.”

brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography

Anna continues, “Two weeks into us seeing each other, I had massive knee surgery and my parents came into town to help take care of me. Jim sweetly brought over a puzzle and was brave enough to come inside and meet my parents even though WE hardly knew each other. (Jim is unlikely to turn down a Gin & Tonic.) A few weeks later, we took an impromptu trip to San Francisco while I was still in an ankle to thigh leg brace. We had a blast eating, drinking and exploring California. From there, things progressed fairly quickly. Admittedly, I was ready to dive in headfirst. I was confident this was the guy I was going to end up with.

We got engaged May 1st of this year. PEAK quarantine. Earlier in the week, Jim suggested that we do something together “just us.” After weeks of being locked inside the house just us, I thought it was a hilarious suggestion. I enjoyed his company nonetheless and was up for more isolated plans.

That day, I got home from a Target run in what I later learned was Jim’s least favorite item of clothing I owned. Jim suggested I “changed for our walk,” because there “might be a photo op.” I was slightly offended and mildly suspicious. We ventured out with our dog for a stroll. I was irritated because Jim wasn’t listening to me and texting on his phone the entire walk. Once we emerged from the woods into the open space in our neighborhood, Jim bent his knee, said a bunch of sweet things I can’t remember because I was blubbering, and asked me to make an honest man out of him. We hugged and cried and then had a champagne picnic in the park. Every time we take that walk, we have an even more special connection to our home, neighborhood and the love that will continue to grow there.”

brainard lake colorado, engagement photography
brainard lake colorado, engagement photography

The happy couple is getting married next summer. Happy engagement Anna and Jim!

I met Sarah and Zach on a beautiful fall day in Evergreen, Colorado. The Aspen trees were just beginning to turn yellow, the air was crisp and we had so much fun!

Sarah shares, “I got really lucky in how I met Zach. I was hanging out with some friends, and one was going through her matches on Ok Cupid. Zach had sent her a message and, for some reason, she wasn’t interested. I told her she was crazy since he was clearly a great guy – he was goal oriented, loved dogs, enjoyed reading, and was very cute. Five minutes later, she was sending him my number. I thought there was no chance he would text me (after all, he had no idea who I was!), but a couple hours later, he reached out. Two days later, we went on our first date.

Zach continues, “Our first date was great. We met up for dinner and I was immediately taken aback. Sarah had an air of confidence and purpose that was magnetic. Our conversation was natural, and we ended up extending the evening to meet up with some of her friends for drinks. The connection was clearly there from the start, and we were together regularly from that point forward.”

COVID definitely complicated the proposal. Zach shares, “I knew for months beforehand that I wanted to propose, but there was something missing: a ring. I had a custom design made, but due to the shutdowns, companies were unable to physically make the ring. So, for several months I bounced between different people trying to get the ring made. Finally, I found someone local who got the ring built and stone set. From there, everything was very simple. The best piece of advice I received was to write out my thoughts beforehand. Even though I knew the answer, I had never been so nervous! When the moment came I gave her flowers, told her several (of the many) things I love about her, then got down on one knee and asked. I had planned a weekend getaway, so we shared the news with our parents, then went up to the mountains.

Sarah adds, “While the plan was definitely to get married, I was completely shocked when Zach proposed. I had no idea that he had been working on getting a ring, so I figured he wasn’t planning to propose until later in the year. In fact, I told him three days earlier that I didn’t think it was happening this summer. Little did I know that he already had everything planned and that the ring was in the house! When Zach first gave me flowers, I thought he was just being sweet. I immediately went to put them in water instead of staying put like Zach wanted. He kept telling me to sit back down, which five minutes later, I finally did. I loved that it was just the two of us at our house. We got to enjoy the moment and not have to worry about an audience. Zach planned a trip for us that was also super special because I had wanted to go on a weekend getaway all summer and never got around to it. It was the perfect way to savor the moment!

Zach shares, “The simplest thing I can say about Sarah is that she makes me content. I now understand what it means when someone is your “rock.” Sarah provides balance and creates certainty that gives me confidence in so many other areas of life. I’m unbelievably lucky to have someone that not only supports my goals, but has equally impressive ambitions of her own. Whether it’s personality, interests, or emotions, we just balance each other really well. I’m excited to see what challenges we get to tackle next, because I know that together we’re capable of handling anything life throws our way.”

Sarah shares, “What I love most about Zach is how steady he is. When COVID hit, my job became very tough, and Zach was incredibly supportive. I am definitely the more emotional one, and he always knows exactly what to say and do to put things in perspective. We have a true partnership in that we understand that there are times in life when one person has to do more than 50%. I love that we have a vision of what we want our lives to be together and are actively working towards making it a reality. I can’t wait to marry Zach and see what comes next!”

Sarah and Zach will be married next summer. Happy engagement, you two!

Special thanks to Blue Linden Weddings.


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