Amanda and Kevin began their relationship by taking walks around City Park. We enjoyed a beautiful summer evening there, celebrating their engagement. 

city park denver engagement photography
city park denver engagement photography
city park denver engagement photography

City park is home to a new art installation called Color Fields. It was a great stop for some photos!

city park denver engagement photography
city park denver engagement photography
city park denver engagement photography

Amanda shares, “When we first starting dating, Kevin lived by City Park. We used to walk around the park on the weekends, sometimes for one or two hours in the morning just drinking our coffee and getting to know each other on a deeper level. City Park became our little getaway, and we both have fun memories of the conversations we had while walking. It was always great to hit the food trucks for a slice of pizza or ice cream while checking out what was going on in the park, whether it was Sunday night jazz or the Colfax Marathon. City Park is significant to us because it is truly where our relationship started, and I’m glad we will forever have these memories of our time there.

city park denver engagement photography
city park denver engagement photography
city park denver engagement photography
city park denver engagement photography
city park denver engagement photography

Congratulations Amanda and Kevin! Cheers!


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Courtney and Erik just recently moved to Colorado. We had a wonderful time walking around Mt Falcon and celebrating their engagement.

Courtney shares, “Erik and I first met while we were attending college at West Virginia University. Erik and my older brother Ryan were fast friends, and luckily that led to Erik and I having a great friendship as well. The three of us all shared a love for online computer games and spent countless hours together online during our college years. Even after college when we all went our separate directions to start our post-college lives, we stayed connected.

Erik and I both admit to having short lived crushes on each other during our college years together, but timing was never in our favor. It wasn’t until nearly 10 years after we first met that Erik made a move, and our time had finally come. One of Erik’s favorite bands, Brand New, was having a concert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I happened to be living in Milwaukee at the time, so he took the opportunity for us to meet up. That concert ended up being our first date of many more to come, and when my career led me to Charlotte, North Carolina, Erik moved with me so that we could end our long-distance dating and be together again.

Erik proposed to me over Memorial Day weekend in 2019. He planned an amazing trip to Sausalito, California just outside of San Francisco. The morning after we arrived, Erik was up bright and early at 6am ready to start the day. This should have been my first clue something was going on because neither of us would ever choose to wake up that early on a weekend. Turns out his phone didn’t update from EST to PST, so he thought it was already 9am and he had big plans for the day. Erik and I got breakfast at a local diner overlooking the bay and then headed up to the Redwood Forest for a mid-morning hike. On our hike, Erik found a quiet area overlooking the park and after getting down on one knee, he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating. I still can’t help but smile thinking back on that day one year ago.”

Courtney continues, “We were all set to be married at a neighborhood yacht club on Lake Norman in North Carolina on March 21, 2020 when covid-19 changed the world around us in a matter of 24 hours. It was the Friday before our wedding weekend when the U.S. officially closed the borders to tourists, and governors leapt into action implementing various restrictions on public gatherings. That weekend, with the health and safety of our family and friends in mind, we made the decision to post-pone our wedding to September of this year. We truly hope our friends and family will be able to gather and celebrate our marriage in September, but even if it ends up being a bit smaller than we had planned, it will be perfect.  

My career brought us to Colorado at the very beginning of March 2020, and even though we couldn’t get married at the end of March as originally planned, I wanted to do something special to celebrate us and our new life in Colorado. I am so glad I found Jessica to shoot our engagement session re-take! Being new to the area, trying to pick a location for a photo shoot was a bit overwhelming, but Jessica suggested so many beautiful locations to choose from. I was drawn towards Mt. Falcon Park because it reminded me of our proposal weekend and the hike where it all began. With our one-year engagement anniversary right around the corner, it was the perfect setting to bring back all those memories of a truly joyous time in our lives.

Courtney and Erik were so natural in front of the camera and you could tell they were so happy together.

Courtney adds, “My favorite moments from our photo session were when our poses left us laughing until we cried. Jessica assured us our laughing fits would make for the best pictures, and from our sneak peak I’d say she was right. Erik and I left the session feeling so light hearted and excited for wedding day to finally come.”

Happy engagement Courtney and Erik!


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Natalie and William had one request for their engagement photos: aspens! And I’m so glad they did! The Colorado aspens are stunning. It looks like yellow confetti was thrown all over the forest to celebrate this engagement and it was so much fun to photograph.

We met at Maxwell Falls in Evergreen in early October to capture the golden leaves.

Natalie shares, “Will and I met in Chicago five years ago, after being introduced on a dating website! Our first date almost didn’t happen–it was a Friday after work and Will had failed to reach out to confirm we were still on to meet up until 4:30 pm. After the long week, I almost blew him off, but thankfully my roommate convinced me to go. We met at a cocktail bar called Barrelhouse Flat, then hopped over to Delilah’s, a whiskey dive bar to play a few games of pool, and I was hooked!

From there, we enjoyed a lot of firsts together in Chicago: Cuban food on a patio, Zoo Lights, trips to the Field Museum, and lots of late night pizzas at Ranalli’s. My roommate decided to move back to Kansas, and it was the perfect opportunity for Will and I to test our relationship and move in together with our dog, Berkeley. Thankfully, all worked out and we decided to move across country to Denver just a year later!

For our third anniversary, I was whisked away on a surprise trip to San Francisco/Sonoma–my favorite vacation spot. Will had coordinated with my boss and co-workers for me to take a week-long vacation, at the start of which he proposed. The proposal didn’t go exactly as planned. Will had been working with my cousin, Kirstin, to drive me to the top of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County to pop the question, but just an hour before we were set to drive up he discovered that the road was closed to the top due to wind. So, change of plans! We drove part way up the mountain, then took (what felt like) a 30-minute hike to a scenic spot, where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My cousin was hiding in a tree and got the whole proposal on camera.

It was genuinely a wonderful moment and something I will never forget. Such a well-thought-out plan in one of my favorite places on Earth. After the proposal, we got to enjoy the rest of the week exploring San Francisco and drinking wine in Sonoma–not too shabby at all!

So here we are, two years later, just about to celebrate our five-year anniversary together and FINALLY getting married! I’m not much of an event planner myself, so the wedding kept getting put off because I just didn’t know where to start with the planning process. Will’s mom and sister finally got fed up with all of my procrastinating, and offered to plan the wedding for us if we agreed to show up (which was a total win for me). The big day is November 9th, and we just can’t wait to be married!”

They will be getting married this November in Lyons, Colorado. Happy engagement Natalie and William!


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Yay! You are engaged! This is a really special time in your life. Let’s document it with some beautiful photos that capture your story, joy, style, personality and LOVE!

You are only engaged once and it goes by so quick! Don’t let the time pass without getting some great photos to remember all the excitement. It is also a great opportunity to get some casual and fun photos to accompany your more formal wedding portraits.

It is also great practice for your wedding photos! It may sound strange, but taking engagement photos actually improves your wedding photos. You become more comfortable working with direction and understand the process so that we move more quickly through different posses and you know what you like.

engagement colorado aspen trees
red rocks, colorado wedding photographer
colorado engagement photography
greenwich village nyc engagement
Lookout Mountain, Colorado, Engagement photography, Golden

For the shoot, the most important thing is to have fun! Relax, laugh, be comfortable and enjoy the session. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most out of your photographs.

Spring? Summer? Winter? Fall?

To plan the best time to take your engagement photos, think about the season, the weather, your seasonal outfit options and the locations that might be available. You may also want to plan your session based on when you want to send out save the dates or an announcement. If it turns out that the weather is bad on the day you’ve selected for your shoot, we can reschedule, no problem.

Punctuality = Awesomeness
Natural light is very important to beautiful photography. The timing of your session is really important, because the sunlight greatly affects the shoot. Please arrive on time. Once the sun goes down, it is too dark to continue the shoot. You can check the sunset time for any day of the year using this calendar.

What should I wear for my engagement session?
Plan to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Please bring one outfit change. Most couples choose one casual and one formal look to add variety to their images. I tend to discourage all black or all white outfits and really encourage pops of color. Don’t bring more than one outfit change or the time it takes to change will cut too much into the session. Accessories are also great ways to add variety including scarves, hats, cardigans, etc.

Check out some wardrobe ideas on Pinterest. It can also be fun to bring items that tell your story like a picnic, bikes, your dog, records, coffee cups, or a banner that says “love” or “save the date.”

For brides to be:
Consider having your hair and makeup done professionally. This could be a great day to schedule a makeup and hair trial with the stylist you are using on your wedding day. I will also be taking close ups of your gorgeous ring on your finger. Why not treat yourself to a manicure! These ideas are absolutely not necessary, but I like to recommend them because how often do you have professional photos taken? Why not take advantage of this special time in your life and make yourself feel pampered and beautiful!

Where should we have our engagement photos taken?
There are so many amazing locations perfect for photography. I am happy to help you plan the best spot for you that fits your relationship and expresses your personality and style.

Ideas for great locations for engagement photography in Colorado:
Red Rocks, Mt Falcon, Lookout Mountain, Evergreen Lake, the Botanic Garden, around the street art in RiNo, Highlands Ranch Mansion, Wash Park, Sandstone Ranch Park, and more.
*Please note some locations may require a photography permit or entrance fee.

Other places to consider:
Vineyard, orchard, farm, train station, beach, dock, ice skating rink, biergarten, etc.

Another idea is to choose some of your favorite spots:
The place you first met or a favorite cafe, restaurant, cupcake place, book store, etc.

colorado aspens engagement photography
nyc engagement photography
Planetarium engagement photography NYC
Coney Island Engagement photography nyc
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NYC wedding engagement photography
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Carlyle House old town alexandria engagement photos
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To take a closer look at an engagement session, check out these links:

Red Rocks Engagement

Lookout Mountain Engagement

Aspen Engagement, Grottos Trail

Maxwell Falls Engagement, Aspens

Brainard Lake Engagement

RiNo Art District Engagement

Barr Lake Engagement

Central Park Engagement, NYC 

Mt Falcon Elopement

If you have any questions, please ask. I want your session to be great!


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Golden, Colorado, engagement photography, clear creek

The charming town of Golden, Colorado, is a former gold rush area at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Clear Creek runs through it and it is a special place to Kate and Bill, who actually live nearby! We walked along Clear Creek and through the preserved area of Golden History Park with buildings from a late 1800s mountain ranch.

Golden, Colorado, engagement photography, denver
Golden, Colorado, engagement photography, clear creek
Golden, Colorado, engagement photography, clear creek
Golden, Colorado, engagement photography, clear creek

Kate shares, “Bill and I had hung with the same friend group for a number of years. He and I always got along really well. One New Year’s Eve, we shared our first kiss. Bill and I began spending a lot more time together, away from the rest of the group. I started having a few girlfriends (and my mother) ask me how I felt about Yates, as he is known to our friends.

I was very nervous about coming between our well-established friendship and tried to ignore that he was doing his best to “woo” me for the better part of a year. I finally took the leap and everything else is history. We dove right in, moving in together almost immediately. We spent a lot of time talking about what a positive and happy relationship meant to us and were incredibly honest with each other. We have a huge amount of respect for each other as individuals and as a couple. I think that is what makes us so strong together. I only want the best for Bill and our future together and, because of that, he pushes me to be the best version of myself more than I ever thought was possible.”

Golden, Colorado, engagement photography, denver

Bill proposed on New Year’s Eve. Kate continues, “We decided to go out to eat as a break from packing boxes (we were in the process of moving). After some tasty Mexican and a couple margaritas, we headed home to continue the packing process. I was putting on pajamas when Bill called me into the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen, he pointed me towards this adorable little box on the counter and told me to open it. Still completely oblivious as to what was going on, I opened the box and I’m pretty sure I said something very profound like, “Um, this is a ring…” Bill asked me if I would be his wife. I said yes through lots of happy tears. Half-packed boxes, messy hair, pajamas, in the kitchen, completely unaware of his intentions…It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Bill and I couldn’t be happier. I consider him my best friend and am incredibly thankful for the unique and wonderful relationship we share.”

Golden, Colorado, engagement photography, denver
Golden history park, Colorado, engagement photography
Golden, Colorado, engagement photography, denver
Golden, Colorado, engagement photography, denver

These two will be getting married in September of 2020. Happy engagement Kate and Bill!


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