Ollie turned three years old on March 26! It was a cold, rainy day that we spent inside playing with his brand new train set and eating ice cream with sprinkles!

Soooo… his birthday photos were taken a little late, but still worth sharing. We went to the Evergreen Lake House to hike and have fun with some balloons.

Ollie is sweet and silly and crazy. Full of giggles. Likes to ask “why?” He knows his alphabet. He likes to read 2 books and sing ABCs and twinkle twinkle before bed. He loves to dance. He is TALL! He says yep and nope. He is stubborn and gets frustrated. He likes to be independent, but will ask for help when he needs it (mostly!). He is mischievous and loves to play. He loves trains, cars, garbage trucks, blocks, submarines, octopus, dinosaurs, Mickey Mouse, buzz lightyear, balloons, airplanes, spaceships and play doh.

 He loves fruit especially oranges, strawberries and grapes. He also loves ice cream, jelly beans, sprinkles, lollipops and chocolate. He does not like cake and just wants the frosting.

He melts my hearts when he tells me I’m his best friend (he tells daddy the same thing).

He makes us laugh when he says:
Alien = “Anenen”
Octopus = “opopus”
Elephant = “elfanent”
School = “skeeeew”
Banana = “baNAna”
Helicopter = “hepipopper”

We ended the shoot by asking Ollie to give his brother a hug. He is very excited to be a big brother! Life is about to change for him BIG TIME!

Happy birthday sweetie pie!


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We’ve got BIG NEWS to share! I am due with our second child on June 19. It’s a boy! Ollie is super excited to be a big brother (but worried about sharing his toys). And we are over the moon!

I’m still busy working through the beginning of June and excited about some upcoming weddings at the end of August and into the fall in Colorado and in New York!

Stay tuned for a baby announcement coming soon! We are so excited for him to arrive!

Photos by my amazing husband, Eric Swartz.


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Adventure awaits!

adventure awaits denver key

We are moving to Denver, Colorado!

My husband received a wonderful job opportunity and we are looking forward to a new adventure. We are happy to be getting a lot more space in our new home, go on hikes in the mountains and find new places to explore this October.

It will be hard to leave NYC, where I have lived since 2001. I earned my degree in Brooklyn, said “I do” in Central Park, grew my business throughout the area, and gave birth to my son at New York Presbyterian. So many corners of the city are laced with memories. The energy and heart of the city has fueled me for almost 2 decades.

We love it here. It is going to be so hard to be far from family and friends and to say goodbye to such a magical city, but we are also ready for the next chapter.

We live in a one-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side and are trading it in for a three-bedroom home in Denver that has a huge kitchen, room for our son to run and play and its own washer and dryer (of all things! haha)!

We picked a wonderful neighborhood in Stapleton that just so happens to be within walking distance to a Starbucks–so the culture shock won’t be quite as severe! Although, I am feeling not at all excited about getting a car. We’ll see how it goes…

I am excited about the outdoors. As one friend put it, “You will walk outside and not smell hot, wet garbage! You will smell fresh air!”

I’m also looking forward to photographing some gorgeous mountain weddings, and still coming back East for some city weddings. And, of course, visits with people I will miss incredibly, the best food in the entire world, and as many Broadway shows as I can pack into each trip.

For updates about our adventure please follow me on instagram at our new family profile: OurAdventuresBigAndSmall

Check insta this Thursday when I will be documenting our 26 foot long moving truck coming to West 74th street! EEK! And Throwback Thursdays that will include some of my favorite NYC memories.

I have to admit this super cute watermelon hat that Ollie’s Grammy found at Target inspired a mini-photo sesh!

Ollie LOVES watermelon. And so does JOSIE!

Happy summer!

I got a little spoiled this year! I asked Eric to take some photos of Ollie and I with the cherry blossoms in Central Park. We had so much fun! This might have to be a new family tradition. I feel so luck to be married to a wonderful husband (and photographer!) and to be this little guy’s mama.

cherry blossoms central parkcherry blossoms central parkcherry blossoms central parkAbout 90% of the time we were trying to take photos Ollie looked like this…

cherry blossoms central park cherry blossoms central park cherry blossoms central park cherry blossoms central park cherry blossoms central parkcherry blossoms central park cherry blossoms central park   Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!


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