Caitlin and Steve were married on a beautiful winter day in Brooklyn. The day started out with a blue sky at the William Vale Hotel and ended with a magical snow for their ceremony and reception at the Brooklyn Winery.

william vale wedding photography brooklyn

Cailtin and Steve shared a first look on the rooftop of the William Vale. The view was spectacular and they were so excited to see each other and begin celebrating!

william vale wedding photography brooklyn

We arrived at the Brooklyn Winery for some portraits and to get ready for the ceremony.

brooklyn winery weddingbrooklyn winery wedding

The youngest guest in attendance was Caitlin’s niece–only 3 weeks old!

brooklyn winery weddingbrooklyn wedding

Caitlin’s embellished dress was so elegant–easily one of my new favorites. Caitlin, you look gorgeous!

brooklyn winery wedding

The winery is so romantic. The couple says, “When we first set foot in the Brooklyn Winery last year we knew that was where we wanted to get married. We loved that it’s a less traditional type of wedding venue and it provides such a beautiful, intimate setting…not to mention lots of great wine!

Although it generated some stress given the possibility that snow could cause problems for traveling guests, we could not have been happier with how our winter wedding turned out. Not only were there no travel issues, but it began to snow right as our ceremony began and continued throughout the reception. With an atrium room and large windows at the winery, the falling snow was visible all night and added an incredible, magical element to the wedding that was more than we could have asked for.

In keeping with the idea of a winter wedding, we incorporated earthy and dark colors and tried to keep our decor simple and understated. We absolutely loved the winery’s mismatched dinnerware and candles, which made each table and place setting unique. We also decided to incorporate different elements of New York City into things like the table numbers and escort board to pay homage to a city that has played such an important role in our relationship and our lives.

Above all else we wanted a wedding that was fun! We were so happy to see all our friends and family, young and old, out on the dance floor all night!”
wedding processionalbrooklyn winery weddingrings brooklyn winery weddingbrooklyn winery wedding

Steve shares, “My favorite moment in a night full of amazing moments was watching my beautiful bride walk down the aisle toward me. I couldn’t help but think about how the many months of planning, the years we had spent together, and really our entire lives had led us to that exact moment, and the beginning of a new lifelong journey together. I can’t imagine being happier or more excited than I was in that moment.”

Caitlin had a similar favorite, “My favorite moment was immediately after the ceremony. Steve and I snuck away to the wine barrel room and spent our first few moments together as a married couple, drinking it in.”

brooklyn winery wedding brooklyn winery wedding brooklyn winery weddingbrooklyn winery weddingbrooklyn winery wedding brooklyn winery wedding    

Congratulations Caitlin and Steve!

Check out their Long Island City engagement session here!

Special thanks to the team:
Hotel: The William Vale, Brooklyn
Venue and Catering: Brooklyn Winery
Brooklyn Winery Coordinator: Emily Dolan-Leach
Officiant: Mark Murphy (friend of groom and bride from law school)
Cake: Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery
DJ/Band: Sam Turner, Beat Train Productions
Florist: Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design
Invitations: Lion in the Sun of Park Slope
Hair and Makeup: MG Hair and Makeup (Talia)
Rings: David Yurman (Caitlin); Tiffany & Co. (Steve)
Bride’s Dress Designer /Shop: Limor Rosen dress from Lovely Bride
Bride’s Shoes: Betsey Johnson
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt Photography with Eric Swartz

Every wedding day has moments of joy, but this wedding seemed to be bursting with happiness from beginning to end. The exuberant dancing and singing, the personal touches that reflected the couple’s values, and all the love from family and friends made for a gorgeous wedding day.

The couple shares, “We cared a lot about the ritual pieces of the wedding, and that people have fun, so those were the areas that got most of our attention. We wanted a traditional Jewish wedding, but a lot of the ritual is built around the man’s obligations to the woman, and less about the woman’s obligations to the man. Since we envision our relationship as a partnership, we tried to be creative about how to integrate the bride’s voice into the ceremony more, while maintaining the infrastructure that people have used to get married according to Jewish law for hundreds and hundreds of years.

We began with two tischen, where our guests sang with us and offered words of teaching and blessing as we prepared to see each other for the first time in a week. Because of that period of separation, the bedeken–where we saw each other for the first time–was a really magical moment. Following our ceremony, we had some particularly raucous dancing, including the traditional wedding shtick, where guests danced in front of us in funny outfits or holding signs to fulfill the commandment of rejoicing with the bride and groom.”

The groom’s favorite moment from the day was giving his bride a gift. Traditionally, the groom receives a full set of the Talmud for his wedding, but since the bride is the one who studies Talmud the most, the groom’s parents decided to get her the set she wanted instead. The groom adds, “Rather than just presenting her with a single volume, I arranged to have my father read the inscription he wrote for her, and then surprised her by sending out five family members and close friends, each with a giant box, to give her the whole set. I wasn’t there to see it since I was upstairs at my tisch, but I watched the video and it was definitely the best moment of the day.”

The bride’s sister shared some lovely words about her kindness and compassion, her love for the Torah, a hope for the couple to build their lives together like a sanctuary, a mishkan, while working to make the world a better place, and finally about a sister’s love.

She read, “When describing the building of the tabernacle, God commands that ten strips of cloth be joined together ish el’achotah, like a woman to her sister. It must be, in some ways, fated that this parasha comes on the weekend that my sister is getting married. The commentators basically dismiss this phrase, saying that it is just a way that something is attached to something else, but I think God was onto something here about the nature of a relationship between sisters. This phrase is used to connote two things that are attached so tightly and specifically that they cannot be undone. And that is how I feel about you. You are a part of who I am. An inescapable, irremovable part of my being. And I know that, even though you are moving on to build a mishkan with your husband, that you are a part of my mishkan and I am a part of yours, and that it is our bond that makes our families stronger.”


The groom and his family and friends danced and sang as they brought the groom to the bride. The couple then saw each other for the first time in a week.

The bride’s favorite moments came from the beginning of the day as well. “I really loved my tisch. Having the chance to complete a tractate of Talmud, sing and dance with some of my best friends, and look out on the hundreds of people who had come to celebrate with us was really magical. When I was surprised by the gift of the Talmud, that was an incredible moment. And then, at the end, I finally got to see the man I was moments away from marrying for the first time in a week! It was like everyone else there melted away and all I could see was him in that moment.”

The bride shares, “Last November, there was a retreat for alumni of a fellowship. Every year the group gathers, and this time a program leader asked, “There are a lot of people here who know a lot of people. This might not be comfortable for everyone, but if you are single and you don’t want to be and you feel comfortable, raise your hand. That way everyone can see who is looking.” Thankfully, my now husband, was brave enough to raise his hand! Our friend Yaffa saw him, and told him they should talk about what he was looking for. She texted me that night to ask if I wanted to get set up. I said yes, he called, and we made our first date for the day after the 2016 election. The election didn’t have the outcome we expected, which put a bit of a damper on the date, but the second date was much better and things only improved from there.

A year later, we decided to get married!”

The Chuppah wedding ceremony took place in the sanctuary and included many blessings by family and friends.


After special prayers were said by family and friends, the festivities were over and we escaped outside for some nighttime portraits.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Special thanks to the team:
Venue: Lincoln Square Synagogue
Coordinator: Carly Levine
Officiant: Rabbi Aryeh Klapper
Caterer: Simply Divine
DJ/Band: Soulfarm
Florist: Flowers By Special Arrangement
Bride’s Bouquet: Heartfelt Blooms
Bridesmaids’ Bouquets: Global Goods Partners
Invitations: By Invitation Only
Hair and Makeup: Pin It Up and Pout
Engagement Ring: Dearest Darling Co
Wedding Rings: Leo Ingwer
Bride’s Dress: Borrowed from a friend
Bride’s Shoes: J. Renee for the ceremony, Converse for the reception
Jewelry: All family jewelry
Groom’s Suit Designer/Shop: Black Lapel
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt Photography with Eric Swartz



Valentine’s Day is today! This means chocolates, paper hearts and, of course, flowers!  I pulled together some of my favorite wedding flower and cake photos from last year. Enjoy!

Happy Valenetine’s Day!

Carla and Ben had a beautiful winter wedding in a loft in Union Square.

nyc union square loft wedding photography nyc union square loft wedding photography  nyc union square loft wedding photography purple wedding shoesnyc union square loft wedding photography

Ben shares, “Our winter wedding in NYC took place at the loft space above Tarallucci e Vino, Union Square. We chose it because we fell in love with its beautiful exposed brick and huge windows. The space has a classic New York City vibe!

Our wedding ceremony was simple and intimate, with only our immediate family attending. Carla’s best friend Tiffany officiated. Our florist created a lovely arrangement of branches and candles to frame us against the brick wall.”

The couple’s unique wedding vows  included their love of playing board games together.

Ben adds, “We decided to both take each other’s name, so we are now Carla and Ben Moy-Turner. It was important to us to share the same name, but we didn’t want either of us to lose our existing name. Moy-Turner just sounds right!”

wedding photography nycnyc union square loft wedding photographynyc union square loft wedding photographytarallucci e vino union squarewedding photography nycunion square wedding photographyunion square wedding photography

Ben continues, “After the ceremony, we made the short walk over to Union Square Park for a few outdoor photos. At this point we were ruing our decision to get married in January! In the end, braving the cold was worth it for a memorable and unique series of photos.

The reception followed soon after with dinner, drinks and dancing for 100 guests. We love Italian cuisine, and the chef and staff at Tarallucci delivered a delicious meal. Everything tasted wonderful.

Our custom cake topper featured things central to our relationship: our beloved dog Bessie; some of our favorite board games (we originally met through a group of friends who gather for weekly game nights); and a pair of passports to represent our love of travel. The travel theme extended to the table decorations and place cards. Each of the four long tables was designated as a country or region that we’ve visited, and each guest’s seat was marked with a photograph taken by the two of us. It was a fun way to share the memories we have made in our adventures!”

union square wedding photography

It was freezing out, but they were so happy, you would never know by looking at the photos!

union square wedding photography   union square wedding photographyunion square wedding photography union square wedding photographymap place cards, escort cards

FLO Events created a beautiful tablescape with mixed bouquets of purple flowers, greenery, berries and eucalyptus. Carla and Ben didn’t plan to be so on trend, but they ended up incorporating the Pantone color of the year–ultraviolet!

Tarallucci e Vino loft wedding nyc Tarallucci e Vino loft wedding nyc

The first dance was set to the Magnetic Field’s “The Book of Love” from 69 love songs.

Tarallucci e Vino weddingloft wedding nycTarallucci e Vino  loft wedding nycwedding dancing wedding dancingMomofuku Milk Bar wedding cake  Momofuku Milk Bar wedding cake

Congratulations Carla and Ben!

Also, check out their Riverside Park engagement here.

Special thanks to the team:
Venue(s): Tarallucci e Vino arranged for Third Floor Loft of Home Studios at 873 Broadway
Coordinator: Basia Biddle of Tarallucci e Vino
Officiant: Tiffany Sameyah Sankari (friend of the couple)
Caterer: Tarallucci e Vino,
Florist: Caroline Groppe of FLO NY
Cake: Milk Bar
Cake topper: Keren Becker
DJ: Enrique Colon of BTL DJs
Photo booth: Teho Yoo from Amazebooths
Invitations: Minted
Hair and Makeup: Talia of MG Hair & Makeup
Rings: Brilliant Earth
Bride’s Dress: Purchased from ModCloth made amazing by Bevin Dillon
Bride’s Shoes: Corso Como
Jewelry: hair comb: YunBoutique ; Belt: FashionaryDesign
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt Photography

I’m so happy to announce I have won the WeddingWire award for the 8th year in a row! A huge thank you goes out to all my amazing couples I worked with this past year!

“WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.”

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