Anna and Pete held a joyous wedding celebration at the Lyon’s Farmette in Colorado.

Betty, the beverage burro, made a very special appearance during cocktail hour. All the guests really enjoyed having their photo taken with Betty.

This lovely story was shared with their guests on their wedding website, “Anna and Pete began talking on eHarmony in the fall of 2015. Pete was an electrical engineering student at the Ohio State University and Anna was working in marketing at an engineering firm nearby. The commonalities they shared were intriguing — not only did they both live abroad in Japan at the same time, but both spent childhood summers near the same small town in northern Wisconsin. Not many people know what a hodag is, but Pete and Anna both did.

The twist in this story is that Pete and Anna almost didn’t meet in person. After a week of emailing with Pete, Anna went camping in Glacier and Yosemite, where she tragically/ridiculously got bear-sprayed in the face by a defective can of CounterAssault. Returning home with a hideously swollen face and blurred vision, Anna made a point of avoiding Pete all week.

Fortunately healing happened fairly quickly and the two met up for coffee and walk. Things went well, so they had their first official date on October 15 at Aab India. One date led to another, and soon they were in love.

Five months after the relationship started, Anna and Pete took a chance on each other and relocated to Colorado for work. Second to online dating (yikes), it was the best risk they’d ever taken.

Today Pete and Anna live in a sunny little house in Arvada with two “dingos” (a dingo-looking mutt named Luna and an Australian cattledog named Apollo), a bettafish named Taki, and a bunch of houseplates. They’re also sneakily married already. Life is good.”

Anna and Pete had planned on getting married in 2020, but had to postpone the celebration. However, they did not postpone the wedding. Anna shares, “We tied the knot with just two friends and a neighbor as witness on May 1, 2020. We did this because after a year and a half of engagement, we were ready to be married, and because we were planning to buy a new house. However, because it was important to formally thank our friends and family for supporting us, we decided to hold a reception a full year later to treat everyone to food, drink, and adorable animals. A vow renewal ceremony also took place prior to the reception so we could celebrate our joy all together.”

The reception was held outdoors and included many special, personal touches, including these gorgeous handmade paper flowers.

The bride’s father and brother and the groom’s father all shared very special toasts. The groom’s father included a reading from a poem by Mary Oliver,

“When it’s over, I want to say all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

When it’s over, I don’t want to wonder
if I have made of my life something particular, and real.

I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened,
or full of argument.

I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.”

Congratulations Anna and Pete!

Special thanks to the team:
Venue: Lyons Farmette Taylor
Coordinator: Dahlia Events & Designs, Kayla Hinrichs
Caterer: Cured
Bartender: With a Twist
Music: Farmette Sound System
Alcohol: Hazel’s
Officiant: Michael Wood
Transportation: Best Denver Party Bus
Animals: Betty the Beverage Burro
Flower crown: Boulder Blooms
Bouquet: DIY using loose flowers from Boulder Blooms and a scrap of my mom’s old wedding dress to tie it
Flower arrangement on bar: SOL Floral
Dress: Lulu’s
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt Photography

Danielle and Gabe were married on a beautiful spring day at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

denver botanic gardens wedding
denver wedding
denver wedding
denver wedding
denver wedding

The ceremony took place inside the enchanting Woodland Mosaic.

woodland mosaic, denver botanic gardens wedding
denver botanic gardens wedding
denver botanic gardens wedding
denver botanic gardens wedding
woodland mosaic, denver botanic gardens wedding
woodland mosaic, denver botanic gardens wedding
woodland mosaic, denver botanic gardens wedding
woodland mosaic, denver botanic gardens wedding

After the ceremony, we walked around the grounds and enjoyed the Lilac Gardens, Rose Gardens, Romantic Gardens, June’s PlantAsia and more.

Danielle shares, “Gabe and I met on a dating site! Neither of us remember who made the first move. We made it official, after only a few dates. We knew it was true love, and trusted that we would be together forever.

We both sold our houses, and started building a brand new house, after only 11 months together. On our 1-year anniversary, we went to the Ritz Carlton in Tucson to celebrate! We had gotten all dressed up for dinner and were walking to the car, and all of a sudden Gabe made me go out a side door of the hotel to “check out what’s over there.” I was pushy and told him that we had reservations for dinner and we couldn’t be late (my biggest pet peeve – tardiness) and this wasn’t the time to explore the grounds of the resort. He insisted, so I followed him out, huffing and puffing and making comments about being late (LOL). When we got outside and turned the corner, I saw a beautiful private grassy area, set up with a table that had flowers, champagne, and light-up ‘D&G’ signs. Gabe told me what an amazing year it had been together and, with tears in his eyes, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I, of course, said yes, and he gave me the most beautiful ring. After I said yes, his brother and sister-in-law popped out of the bushes to celebrate with us. I’m so grateful they were there because they got pictures and video of the proposal!

Shortly after that, guests at the resort cheered from their balcony, celebrating our engagement with us. It was such a special day for us. Just like our proposal, our wedding was also small and intimate. My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle, very emotional, and seeing Gabe at the end of the aisle, also crying and emotional. I felt the power of how much we love each other in that moment, both so emotional and overcome with love for each other, knowing that it was the start of our forever. Our day was so perfect (even if I was late because I forgot my veil and bouquet and had to run back to get them)!”

Congratulations Danielle and Gabrielle!

Special thanks to the team:
Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens
Florist: Bloom&Noosh
Catering: Rocky Mountain Catering
Makeup: Kelsey Bailey Beauty
Guitarist: Bill Sickles
Engagement Ring: Brilliant earth
Shoes: Betsey Johnson
Photography: Jessica Schmitt Photography


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I met Jessie and James in a beautiful Denver park full of cherry blossoms. Their love and joy was infectious and we had so much fun!

Jessie shares, “James and I met through a total coincidence of mutual people we knew. Our first conversation was on the night of his sister’s wedding and we stayed up and talked for seven hours!

He makes everything in my life better and I never understood “better half” until I met this man who completely complements me.

We went to Telluride for our seventh anniversary and he proposed in the morning with our dog Pretzel. The seven year anniversary gift is copper and around pretzels neck he was wearing a copper dog tag that said “Will you marry my dad?” to which my response was, “This isn’t happening.” and I turn around and James was down on one knee in our beautiful hotel room.”

Denver cherry blossoms

The couple is getting married in the backyard of Jessie’s childhood home, along the waterfront in New York.

She adds, “James asked me to be his girlfriend on October 11, 2013, asked me to be his wife on October 11, 2020, and we are going to both say I do on October 11, 2021, surrounded by everyone we love.”

Happy engagement Jessie and James!

Special thanks to Rachel Wise of Wise Artistry for Jessie’s gorgeous hair and makeup.


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Leah and Nathan were married in September, but jumped at the chance to extend the celebration with some beautiful snowy portraits in Denver.

Hutson Floral Design created a beautiful, wild, winter bouquet featuring roses, greenery, and a pin cushion protea with moss wrapped stems.

Leah shares, “Nathan and I met at a Christian leadership academy in Mijas, Spain, in 2018. I had a huge crush on him and he didn’t know I existed. As we both went on our own journeys, our hearts were formed and transformed by unconditional love and, eventually, our paths converged. In our dating, I was plagued with loads of relationship anxiety, the effects and aftermath of trauma. I’m passionate about that part of our story because it’s more common than the cultural narrative would have us believe and I want everyone to know, relationships are lovely and messy. Both, at the same time.

We got engaged in the midst of COVID and committed to planning a wedding in just 57 days – piece of cake! Our covenant ceremony was the most lovely, magical day complete with a carpet dance floor.”

Congratulations to Leah and Nathan!

Special thanks to the team:
Location: Red Rocks and Mount Falcon
Florals: Hutson Floral Design
Dress: RenzRags on Etsy
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt Photography


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When I spoke to Michèle and Matt about a photo session to celebrate their marriage at the Highlands Ranch Mansion I was thrilled! The whole thing came together like something out of Cinderella! Congratulations, you two!

Matt shares, “Twelve years ago on a Sunday afternoon I walked into John Holly’s Asian Bistro ready for a closing shift and a long night. Never would I have imagined that I would be meeting my future wife, manning the host stand, with those captivating eyes and freckles that just melt me. Fate slated us to wait many more years for our relationship to begin, but a seed was planted in the form of a serious crush that (I have on good authority) we both shared.

Fast forward seven years and we’re out for drinks, watering that seed and discovering how life had changed us through college and beyond. Months later, after growing a beard and as some would say, “a pair,” I finally asked Michèle on our first date. Our relationship began at a sushi restaurant, so Sushi Den seemed the most fitting destination for our romantic journey to begin. Good wine, good food, and the best company sped up the hours until we were standing on the deck of her apartment locked in conversation as we watched the night sky go by. Motivated by the waning hours and my lack of suave, Michèle moved in for the kiss. I was smitten… and the evidence suggests that so was she. I’ll go to my grave testifying that the last first kiss is the by far the best first kiss. We haven’t left each other’s side ever since.”

highlands ranch mansion wedding colorado

Michèle shares, “Ever the planner, I am sure Matt was certain he would never be able to surprise me. Lo and behold, he did!

About a month prior to our engagement, Matt asked if I was available for an end of summer lobster dinner at his Uncle David and Aunt Stephanie’s home. Admittedly, so excited for a seafood feast, I asked Matt if I could wear sweatpants. His response was a gentle but adamant, “You may want to dress nicer than that… It’s a really nice house.” Fair point.

A month later, on September 22, 2018, we approached the house and were greeted by a sign, “Party in back.” As we turned the corner of the garden, we were greeted not by sounds of merriment but by strings of twinkling lights. The backyard had been decorated with string lights and gold and white balloons. A table was set with candles, Lamarca Prosecco (our favorite), sushi and wine. The same wine we had on our first date- which was at Sushi Den! He had recreated our first date!

My favorite part of the whole set up was the Polaroid pictures Matt strung up on a line. From the first picture we took together, our first 1:1 trip to Mexico, and Disney World, to the “fake” wedding shoot we did with Rocky Mountain Bride, he had captured so many of our most treasured moments.
Imagine my surprise when Matt said, “I’ll be right back” and left me standing there! When he returned, he had a present for me to open. The first thing I took out was a homemade coupon that I had made for HIM and given him our first Christmas together in 2014. Gee, thanks. The coupon was for “Any activity, anytime, anywhere.” However, when I turned the homemade coupon over, there was the world’s sweetest note. “From the moment you gave me this, I knew what I wanted to use it for.” That’s when the waterworks started. I barely noticed the photographer, our friend Lia, in the corner snapping away.

Matt got down on one knee and asked me to spend my life with him, which I very enthusiastically accepted!

Amore Fiori created a beautiful winter bouquet featuring roses and greenery.

Michèle shares trying to plan a wedding during the pandemic, “What a wild experience! I have always loved the idea of fairy tales, princesses and dreamy wedding days. I even worked in the wedding dress industry for a few years. However, the pandemic quickly turned what was 2 years of planning our wedding into a pipe dream and a prayer. With our original wedding date in September 2020, we decided to keep friends and family safe and postpone for 2021. We quickly realized that, as sad as we were to not share this special day with our loved ones, the real important part of a wedding is the marriage!

We decided to elope on the two-year anniversary of our engagement, just us two and our photographer. It was intimate and filled with laughter and a few happy tears. We know that the “makeup” wedding in 2021 will be just as special, surrounded by those we cherish most. We are so thankful and fortunate that we were still able to be married this year, just on different terms.”

highlands ranch mansion wedding colorado

Special thanks to the team:
Venue: Highlands Ranch Mansion
Florist: Amore Fiori Flowers
Dress: Tara Latour, anna bé bridal boutique
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes


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