I met the Wise Family at City Park in Denver to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and capture some family photos. We had so much fun! Their young boys loved running through the tall grass and searching for the brightest yellow leaves.

denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park

Their mom shares, “Fall is one of the reasons why our family loves Colorado so much.  Our boys are just old enough now where we can pile them in the car and go on a family adventure. We drive until we find a new place we want to explore. And we always bring our dog Louie who I think is always the most excited to go!”

denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park
denver family photographer, city park

The hugs between these brothers were just soooo sweet!

Happy fall!


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This year we are indoor trick-or-treating at decorated doors throughout Grammy and Gramp’s house, carving a pumpkin and eating way too much candy!

Happy halloween from my family to yours! 


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I met Sarah and Zach on a beautiful fall day in Evergreen, Colorado. The Aspen trees were just beginning to turn yellow, the air was crisp and we had so much fun!

Sarah shares, “I got really lucky in how I met Zach. I was hanging out with some friends, and one was going through her matches on Ok Cupid. Zach had sent her a message and, for some reason, she wasn’t interested. I told her she was crazy since he was clearly a great guy – he was goal oriented, loved dogs, enjoyed reading, and was very cute. Five minutes later, she was sending him my number. I thought there was no chance he would text me (after all, he had no idea who I was!), but a couple hours later, he reached out. Two days later, we went on our first date.

Zach continues, “Our first date was great. We met up for dinner and I was immediately taken aback. Sarah had an air of confidence and purpose that was magnetic. Our conversation was natural, and we ended up extending the evening to meet up with some of her friends for drinks. The connection was clearly there from the start, and we were together regularly from that point forward.”

COVID definitely complicated the proposal. Zach shares, “I knew for months beforehand that I wanted to propose, but there was something missing: a ring. I had a custom design made, but due to the shutdowns, companies were unable to physically make the ring. So, for several months I bounced between different people trying to get the ring made. Finally, I found someone local who got the ring built and stone set. From there, everything was very simple. The best piece of advice I received was to write out my thoughts beforehand. Even though I knew the answer, I had never been so nervous! When the moment came I gave her flowers, told her several (of the many) things I love about her, then got down on one knee and asked. I had planned a weekend getaway, so we shared the news with our parents, then went up to the mountains.

Sarah adds, “While the plan was definitely to get married, I was completely shocked when Zach proposed. I had no idea that he had been working on getting a ring, so I figured he wasn’t planning to propose until later in the year. In fact, I told him three days earlier that I didn’t think it was happening this summer. Little did I know that he already had everything planned and that the ring was in the house! When Zach first gave me flowers, I thought he was just being sweet. I immediately went to put them in water instead of staying put like Zach wanted. He kept telling me to sit back down, which five minutes later, I finally did. I loved that it was just the two of us at our house. We got to enjoy the moment and not have to worry about an audience. Zach planned a trip for us that was also super special because I had wanted to go on a weekend getaway all summer and never got around to it. It was the perfect way to savor the moment!

Zach shares, “The simplest thing I can say about Sarah is that she makes me content. I now understand what it means when someone is your “rock.” Sarah provides balance and creates certainty that gives me confidence in so many other areas of life. I’m unbelievably lucky to have someone that not only supports my goals, but has equally impressive ambitions of her own. Whether it’s personality, interests, or emotions, we just balance each other really well. I’m excited to see what challenges we get to tackle next, because I know that together we’re capable of handling anything life throws our way.”

Sarah shares, “What I love most about Zach is how steady he is. When COVID hit, my job became very tough, and Zach was incredibly supportive. I am definitely the more emotional one, and he always knows exactly what to say and do to put things in perspective. We have a true partnership in that we understand that there are times in life when one person has to do more than 50%. I love that we have a vision of what we want our lives to be together and are actively working towards making it a reality. I can’t wait to marry Zach and see what comes next!”

Sarah and Zach will be married next summer. Happy engagement, you two!

Special thanks to Blue Linden Weddings.


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Elle and Sheldon love Colorado. They traveled from Texas for their wedding and I met them at Lookout Mountain to celebrate their engagement. Their laughs were infectious and their love was palpable.

I had so much fun with you guys!

Elle shares, “We met on a dating app! It was that good ole TINDER, love and care! Our first date was actually at one of the most amazing places ever….Chick-fil-A! Who would have thought we were a chicken sandwich away from falling in love?”

She continues, “Sheldon planned the most AMAZING proposal EVER! He planned a trip to Cali for us in the spring of 2018. We had anticipated our trip for months! He told me he planned a romantic date night and picked out a red dress for me to wear (I never wear red). It was around 7 or 8pm and we headed to downtown LA for our dinner date. We finally make it downtown, and I said, “WOW, the Intercontinental building, can you imagine if we went there?” Sheldon smiled and said, “I can imagine it.” Seconds later we pulled into the Intercontinental parking garage! Talk about MAJOR butterflies; I couldn’t believe it! 

Of course, I had the BIGGEST smile on my face. We headed up to the 71st floor to a restaurant called La Boucherie! My jaw dropped; this place is FANCY! The host took us back to a private section where we wined and dined on lobster and other fancy stuff! I was shaking and just anticipating something crazy to happen (like being proposed to)…but NOTHING! Dinner ended and we left. I just knew he was going to propose after bringing me to a place like that but NOOOO! I was slightly bummed, but still on cloud 9. We drove off and he said we have one more stop!

We drove to the brightest place in downtown LA, “Urban Light.” I was walking around like a big kid amazed at all the lights and feeling grateful to be experiencing something new with my best friend. Sheldon asked if I wanted to take pictures and, of course, I did! I’m a woman! He suggested so many poses, and I was like oooookaaaaay yaaassss I love all of these ideas. Then he said, “take one from the back.” Of course, my response was, “oh yeah, you’d like that huh.” LOL 

I took my shots, turned around to check out my masterpiece, and there he was on one knee. People were applauding, and I noticed a photographer taking photos of everything; even my ugly cry! It was absolutely magical!”

lookout mountain engagement photography
lookout mountain, colorado

Congratulations Elle and Sheldon!


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As part of a special styled wedding shoot I took Hannah and Taylor downtown for some wedding portraits at Denver’s Union Station. 

I began my wedding photography business in Washington D.C. and N.Y.C. and it was so fun to be back in an urban setting. I love mountain weddings, but there is something special and electric about being in the city. 

Please see the full wedding photo shoot here, at SPACE Gallery.

Thank you so much to this wonderful team:
Venue: Space Gallery
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt Photography
Planner: A Bride’s Best Mate
Floral Design: Hutson Floral Design
Beauty: Skin Work Studio
Dress: Vow’d Weddings
Cake: Sweet Ride Bakeshop
Stationery: Chirps and Cricket
Rentals: Allwell Rents Denver
Bride: Hannah
Groom: Taylor


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