Wedding in Middleburg, Bride in Blue: Congratulations Hannah and Burt!

Hannah and Burt had an autumn harvest wedding at the Middleburg Community Center in Middleburg, Virginia. The day began with a first look in the courtyard.

Hannah shared with me, “We met at summer camp in 2003 and we knew right away that this summer love was going to go the distance. We’ve been together ever since through long distances, school work, graduations, life changes and, of course, hardship. While we were officially married the first day of fall 2012, Burt likes to say our hearts were married long before that.”

Hannah knew she wanted a colorful dress to suit her personality and style. She says, “Some girls look amazing in ivory or other light colors, but I look fabulous in teal so that’s what I chose!”

The fall colors went so well together.

Hannah continues, “Burt proposed to me while we vacationed with my parents in South Carolina. Specifically, at Brookegreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach, the same place my father proposed to my mother 27 years before.”

The bride and groom participated in a Celtic wedding tradition with handfasting cords and a Quaker wedding tradition with a marriage certificate. The cord symbolizes lifetime unity and the loops formed signify their love for one another. The marriage certificate is a way for all the guests to show their support for the marriage.

I love this emotional photo of the groom’s grandmother welcoming the bride to the family.

The bride and groom took a moment to themsleves to sneak an extra kiss after the ceremony.

Hannah and Burt were really nervous about their first dance. “We had practiced a lot in the weeks leading up to the big day and we knew no one would be expecting it. The daily practice was really fun and we got to work towards something as a team and then show it off to everyone! It was an experience we wouldn’t have traded for anything.”

Walking down the aisle and dancing with her dad were two really important wedding moments for the bride. “Those traditions meant so much as he was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s a few years ago, which meant we weren’t 100% sure he’d be able to be with me on the big day at all, but we have been so lucky and he is still living life to the fullest.”

Wedding cake was served along with special homemade cupcakes made from scratch by the mother of the bride. These are roasted sweet potato cupcakes with ginger, candied ginger, cranberries and walnuts, topped with orange cream cheese frosting and candied orange peel.

Hannah and Burt had a special wedding exit with ribbon wands.

Check out the wedding photo booth slideshow here!

Congratulations Hannah and Burt!

Special thanks to the team:
Venue: Middleburg Community Center
Officiate: Kate Costa, Pastor at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
Game Table Rental: Fun Events, LLC
Catering: Barn Door BBQ
Cake: Market Salamander, Baker: Jason Reaves
Florist: Jerry’s Flowers and Gifts
Wedding Insurance: WedSafe
Wedding Dress: Etsy’s Jade Locke – The Secret Boutique


  1. tom minutolo says:

    Terrific pictures! The wedding was awesome and you captured it well!!

  2. Debbie Cooke says:

    These are beautiful pictures. What a lovely day you had and so happy to see your Dad there with you. You two look so happy!!! I am so happy for you.

    Warmest regards,











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