Tips: How to Plan for a Rainy Day Wedding

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but they can also be a little risky. You’ll probably find yourself glued to the weather app, checking the weekly, then daily, then hourly forecasts. However, if you see a cloud with raindrops next to the date of your special day, don’t panic. There are many ways to not only deal with the rain, but embrace it. If you are prepared, a rainy day wedding is no problem!

solutions for a rainy wedding day

Make it festive!

You are probably going to want to stay as dry as possible on this rainy day, so why not have some fun with it? Stock up on umbrellas just in case it rains. Try to make them match in color, but be careful! Brightly colored umbrellas may seem fun, but cast an unpleasant color on your guests that makes photos look awkward. No one is going to want to look like a Wicked Witch under that seemingly fun, green umbrella. Stick with pastels and light colors. These cast no unpleasant shades and allow natural light to shine in on your face, like the white flower umbrella pictured above.

Another fun idea is wearing rain boots. Have a colorful pair of rain boots ready to be subbed in for those heels. The last thing you need is to be stuck in the mud or slipping (this could even be a blessing in disguise, because rain boots are WAY more comfy than heels). If you want to go all out, have your bridesmaids wearing matching rain boots. Hello cute photo op!

Make some beauty adjustments.

Rain can seem like a nightmare when you have your hair and makeup done, but don’t worry. As long as you have an umbrella and some good hairspray, you should be fine. If you’re still worried though, opt for an updo. There are so many lovely hairstyle options like braids, messy buns and tucked curls that will look great! Another hair option is wearing a flower crown. Flower crowns create a super fun and carefree look that will help hold your hair if it gets a little wet.

Be optimistic and think of the positives.

Rain does NOT mean gloom. Plants and wildlife thrive in these conditions and rain covered grass and flowers actually look more vibrant.

If you plan to visit a popular area (such as Central Park), you will have much more privacy. There will be fewer people trying to get a peek at your wedding as they walk by and fewer unpredictable people in the background of your pictures. It creates a much more intimate setting in a usually crowded space.

Be a little flexible.

Things may not be 100% on schedule and that is perfectly fine. Relax! You will have time to enjoy every aspect of your wedding even if the schedule has to be adjusted. Guests may be running a little late due to road conditions and traffic.

Have a backup plan.

If not only your ceremony, but also your reception is outdoors, you may want to make some adjustments. Figure out this backup plan way beforehand so you’re not caught off-guard. A tent could be a nice option if there is just a light rain, but a backup indoor reception venue may be the best option.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to sport an umbrella in all of your wedding photos. I recommend scouting out a nice close-by outdoor spot that has an overhead shelter, like a gazebo or archway. Then we can still enjoy some nature, without getting wet. For example, Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace is a lovely place to take pictures rain or shine.

Have fun and embrace it!

Sure, this isn’t how you imagined your wedding day would be, but that’s okay! With a positive attitude you can make the most of it. Have fun dancing in the rain. Make some funny memories that will create great stories. Some people even say that a little rain is good luck, representing both cleansing and fertility. Remember that you and your spouse’s vows are far more important than the weather and can’t be ruined with a little unexpected water.












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