Central Park and Riverside: Happy Engagement Sarah and Mark!

Sarah and Mark are very funny and make each other laugh constantly. If it’s not quoting an obscure movie, it’s breaking out some crazy dance moves! They are so excited to be getting married and you can just tell they will be sharing a lifetime of laughter together.

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gapstow bridge engagement

Sarah shares, “Mark and I met in December 2013 on OkCupid. I was his first-ever online date; he was…not mine, a fact for which I will eternally resent him. Having spent so much time on terrible dates in bars and coffee shops, I was immediately impressed that he actually took me out to dinner for our first date. We went to a wonderful restaurant in the West Village which, since it was almost Christmas, featured twinkly lights and people singing Czech Christmas carols at the bar and a golden retriever, for some reason. We quickly bonded over our hatred of slow walkers and our love of cheesy Hallmark movies and, since then, it’s been four and a half years of dominating at trivia, spontaneously breaking into song and dance, consuming much cheese, and generally being silly and having fun. We’re very excited to get married this September!”

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During their session we visited Gapstow Bridge, a spot along the the lake where Mark proposed, and Cherry Hill and then made our way to Lincoln Center and Riverside Park.

lincoln center engagementriverside park engagementriverside park engagementriverside park engagement

The couple will be getting married on the Upper West Side this September. Happy Engagement Sarah and Mark!












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