Red Rocks Engagement: Congratulations Leenae and Chad!

I met Leenae and Chad at Red Rocks for their engagement session. The wildflowers were all in bloom and we had a beautiful evening to celebrate!

Leenae shares, “Chad and I went on our first date in March of 2015, but didn’t officially start dating until July of 2016. At the time of our first date, I was traveling quite a bit for work and thought a relationship may be difficult to manage so I decided to stop seeing Chad. A year after our first date, I reached back out to him because I felt like he was someone I cut loose too soon. Chad then told me he was too busy and traveling too much for a girlfriend. It took him a few months, but he eventually came back around and we began seeing each other more regularly.  

We steadily dated for 4.5 years before Chad proposed. We planned a trip to Arizona with his friends in March of 2020 and planned to leave immediately after our workdays. Throughout the day, I packed my bags in between meetings to make sure I was ready to go at 5 pm. At noon, I noticed that Chad had only packed his frisbee golf set. As we were approaching 5 pm, Chad had asked me to help him organize his suitcase since he wasn’t able to do it throughout the day. While I agreed to help, I was extremely frustrated with him. Tucked away in our luggage, was a ring box that I initially missed. Once I discovered it, Chad had asked me to marry him and he had secretly set up a camera to capture the moment (although apparently I was standing in the wrong spot, so the quality of the video wasn’t great). With the quick turnaround for the airport, we called our friends and families on the road. Needless to say, the proposal was everything I had wished for: a moment that I’d least expected, in an intimate setting that is our private memory to share, in the first home we had shared as a couple.  

With both of us being Colorado natives, we wanted to take full advantage of all the scenery Colorado has to offer. Our wedding ceremony will take place in Evergreen to enjoy the front range with the reception being in Golden, where Chad went to school. In August, we are moving to Chad’s hometown, Brush, to be closer to his family. We’re currently in the process of renovating an old farm house that has been in Chad’s family for nearly 100 years. In order to move this city girl to a farm town, we’ve compromised to raise Pygmy goats and eventually (hopefully) alpacas and pigs.”

Congratulation Leenae and Chad!












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