Denver Wedding Celebration: Congratulations Whitney and Dillon!

Whitney and Dillon planned an intimate, relaxed day to share with their closest friends. The day began at their air B&B in Brighton with games and drinks and lots of laughs and then they took a limo into the city to have dinner at the Four Seasons and share vows and toasts. 

Whitney shares, “Since my family is from California and his family is from Wisconsin, Colorado was the perfect distance between. By the time we finally got around to actually setting a wedding date, we had already been together for nearly ten years. We had owned a business, bought a home, and had two children together. We had always talked about how we didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars and cram our celebration into just one day. So, we decided to rent a home large enough to house our wedding party and be able to celebrate for an entire week!

We planned to spend our ten-year anniversary together in the Rocky Mountains, where we had our own private photo shoot with Jess (check out the Bear Lake photo session here). Then we met everyone the following day to enjoy our week. Since it wasn’t your typical wedding with an extensive guest list, we were able to rent a private room at at the Four Seasons, Edge Restaurant, in Denver. The day was spent casually getting ready, with lots of mimosas and laughter. There was no schedule to adhere to, no rushing around gathering guests or décor. We were able to simply enjoy our time with our closest friends and family. We had a private limo drive us to dinner and had an incredible time having our photos taken at Union Station in Denver.”

Union Station was so close to the Four Seasons that it made a perfect stop, before dinner, for some photos.

The dinner began with special vows, drinks and toasts. The menu was exceptional including Wagyu Beef, Palisade Peach Gazpacho and Filet Mignon.

Cheers to you, Whitney and Dillon!












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