Casey and Shakari have spent time together in Colorado and California. When they asked me to come to Los Angeles for their engagement session I couldn’t wait! We met at the historic Griffith Observatory.

The couple chose to do their engagement shoot at the famous Griffith Observatory on Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Casey shares, “Observatories show us the vastness of the universe and remind us how small we are, and how much is out there. In all the dimensions, in all the galaxies, in all the solar systems, in all the countries, in all the cities, we found each other. And in each other, we found someone that makes us laugh, that wants to help the other grow, can overcome issues together, and experience everything life has to offer together. Observatories remind us that everything in the universe is random and chaotic, and through a line of random events, we found each other, and we want to face all the chaos of the universe together.”

Casey and Shakari met in college at CU Boulder during a T-Shirt Tye Dying event. She shares, “I went because I love to meet new people and craft. Shakari went because his job required him to be there. I fell in love with Shakari’s megawatt smile, and we hit it off. We began dating soon after.

Five months later, we decided to celebrate our first major holiday together: New Year’s Eve. The night proved to be a complete disaster. At the time, Shakari was working for an apartment complex for upperclassmen students, and he was on call for emergencies that night. Instead of ringing in the new year with dinner and a movie as planned, he had to run around cleaning up after a building fire caused by a student trying to cook dinner (and who fled the scene). I helped him get displaced students emergency housing while trudging through the snow, and then we went back to the apartment to clean up. When he got back to his apartment at 2AM, I surprised him with dinner and a movie ready to play on TV.

We later moved to Los Angeles to work on our master’s degrees, then back to Colorado just in time for the pandemic. We got engaged on New Year’s Eve of 2020, as we considered it “our holiday” after the first disastrous one we spent together.

We moved back to LA in 2021 to pursue our careers and create new adventures together.”

The couple is getting married on New Year’s Eve in Colorado.
Happy engagement Casey and Shakari!


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Taylor and Sandeep were married at the beautiful Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Nathrop, Colorado.

Taylor shares, “Sandeep and I work in the same office but in different departments. While we knew who each other was, we did not really know much about each other or know each other well. We “met” a little over 4 years ago at a mutual friend’s baby shower of all places. More like a baby party. We hit it off and the rest is history!

We have been through a lot in those 4 years. Sandeep’s mother passed away. My best friend, Lindsay, had brain cancer. COVID happened. My grandmother was ill and made a remarkable recovery. My mother was diagnosed with cancer. We added a bathroom and a kitchen renovation in all of that for fun. Through it all we enjoyed spending time with each other, we traveled well together, and we had a lot of laughs.

This past April, we were finally able to go to India so I could meet his family. He is the baby of eight. He has five sisters and two brothers that all live in India. Both of his parents have passed away.

He proposed at home, the day we were leaving for India, just a few hours before our flight. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Just the two of us in our home. We had a relatively short trip but had a great time. His family was so loving and welcoming. The plan was to have our wedding in India in January 2023 and then a stateside wedding in the Spring or Summer of 2023. However, due to my mom’s cancer treatment, we decided to move things up. Memorial Day weekend, I called Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort and they had an opening for October the 8th and we set the date. Mount Princeton is very special to me and my family. It wasn’t hard to sell Sandeep on it either when we starting visiting the resort a few years ago.”

Taylor continues with some kind words about the vendor team, “Our day was beautiful! Laura McCasland of McArthur Weddings and Events took my abstract ideas and pulled them together into something amazing. I told our florist, Growing Wild, to run wild with her creativity and Madison and her team knocked it out of the park with the florals. Rachael Hoch did a gorgeous job on our hair and makeup. Jessica and Eric, Photography by Jessica Schmitt, did a fantastic job with photography. They both were warm, down to earth and made us feel at ease and comfortable. We can’t wait to see more photos. Our caricature artist, Jake, and magician, Shawn, delighted our guests and they raved about both. We are so thankful for the team of people that helped make our day special and beyond our wildest dreams.”

Right before the reception began, we were able to sneak outside for some gorgeous sunset photos.

Congratulations Taylor and Sandeep!

Special thanks to the team:
Venue: Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort
Coordinator: Laura McCasland, McArthur Weddings and Events
Florist: Growing Wild
Makeup: Face of Makeup
Rings: Blue Nile Diamond
Bride’s Dress: Wedding Angels Bridal, All Who Wander
Robes: Printfresh
DJ: Complete We Do
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt Photography

I met Caroline and Roy on a beautiful fall day in Evergreen to celebrate their engagement.

Caroline shares, “Roy and I met online, like many people these days, a few weeks before COVID hit and the world shut down. We decided that we were worth the risk and included each other in our bubbles. We went on lots of hikes, started to ski together, and grew closer and closer. Everything felt easy and right. I think we both felt like the universe was on our side, even at a time where it was not easy to think that. 

Roy surprised me on June 4, 2022. We went on a hike and afterwards he asked me if I wanted to play Agent Codenames, a card game we like. Little did I know, he had a custom card set made with a secret message on one side. So, I sat down to play the game and when it was time for the next round, he had me flip them over and they read: Caroline, we have made so much happiness and memories together. I am ready to take the next step with you. Will you marry me?” He then got down on one knee and pulled out a yes, no, and a maybe card. I very excitedly took the yes card. It was so thoughtful, unique, and perfect. We are so excited to start the rest of our lives together.”

The couple is getting married next year in Colorado. Happy engagement Caroline and Roy!


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I met Jessie and James and their two sweet pups at Coot Lake for their maternity session. We didn’t know it at the time, but they were only two weeks away from meeting their baby girl! Charlottle was born on October 19th, happy and healthy.

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coot lake, boulder, maternity photographer
coot lake, boulder, maternity photographer
coot lake, boulder, maternity photographer
coot lake, boulder, maternity photographer
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Jessie shares, “My beyond-wonderful husband, James, and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and nine years together this October! There are days I still don’t think he’s real because he’s been the best partner anyone could ever ask for. Our little family started out just us two and we added one little kitten named Floof, then two years later we got our first sheepadoodle, named him Pretzel, and he’s seriously the perfect dog and my little shadow. As a wedding gift, we added another sheepadoodle to the family and we named him Sully. Having him in our home is like living with the sweetest blue-eyed baby mammoth. He’s a huge puppy with nothing but love and kisses to give.

James and I knew we wanted a big family and I knew watching him with our nephew and niece that he would be the best dad ever. I knew since I was a little girl that all I wanted from this life was to be a mom and here we are! I’m 37 weeks pregnant and feeling absolutely amazing, and honestly, ready to meet her!
My pregnancy journey has been blissfully easy, no nausea, no sickness, no cravings, little swelling and lots of kicks.

We found out in April that we are expecting a little girl and I was OVER THE MOON! My side of the family is nothing but boys, boys and more boys. I am the only girl on my side of the family. James has his amazing sister who has a little girl of her own and one female cousin, so to add another girl to our family makes this pregnancy feel so much more special.

I grew up very close to my grandpa, Charlie, who just turned 90! I always wanted to name my first baby after him regardless if we had a boy or girl. So for a boy we would name him Charlie Gordon after both of our amazing grandpas, and if we were having a girl we would name her Charlotte, but call her Charlie for short. Her middle name is still in the works.

We are so excited to see her! We had a 3D ultrasound and this little girl has some of the biggest cheeks our ultrasound tech has seen. I hope she has my strong personality, with James’ patience and his eyes, his grandma’s curls, and my dad’s smile and dark brown hair.

No matter what she looks like she will grow up beyond loved by her aunts, uncles, grandparents and even great grandparents. She is the most perfect addition to our family and we can’t wait to meet you baby Charlotte!”

The sunset at Coot Lake was majestic. It was like the heavens were shining down on us saying get ready for this little miracle!

coot lake, boulder, maternity photographer, dogs

Congratulations Jessie and James! And Pretzel, Sully and Floof!


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I met Shira and David on a warm September evening at Red Rocks to celebrate their engagement.

Shira shares, “David and I met in northern Colorado, on the dating app Bumble. I was in training to be a veterinarian and have been a lifelong animal lover. Logically, my profile stated “swipe left if you’re allergic to dogs, cats, or horses.” David is allergic to all three, and still swiped right. I can’t quite remember when the truth came out, but it was already too late.

Our first date was at New Belgium in Fort Collins… then Tasty Harmony… then Union. We were having way too much fun to end the date! After eventually parting ways, we met back up the next day to go hiking at Gray Rock, and David brought along his pup Niko. I was hooked.

David and I cultivated our relationship slowly through my challenging years in veterinary school and his demanding years of family medicine residency. After three years together, I headed off to an internship in Washington, DC, and David moved to Montana to start his career in rural family medicine.

I came to Montana to visit David over the new year where he proposed on horseback on the top of a snowy mountain. It was beautiful! I just about froze my left hand off on the way down – I didn’t want to put my glove back on!

Since then, I’ve finished my internship and moved out to Montana to join David. We’re settling into a small cabin at the base of the gorgeous Mission mountains, and have continued acquiring animals. Right now we have three dogs, a snake, and a horse!

Our relationship formed and grew in Colorado, a state that is not only David’s childhood home, but now is a very special place to us. We took our engagement photos at Red Rocks, the site of one of our early dates to see Lake Street Dive, and we’re so excited to marry in the mountains of Colorado in 2023!”

The couple is getting married next September in Colorado. Congratulations Shira and David!










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