We had sun, flurries, and blizzard conditions all in one day for Steph and Steve’s wedding in Breckenridge! It was an amazing day with incredible views and lots of love.

Steph shares, “Steve and I love Colorado. Both of our older brothers live in Denver and we take a trip out to see them at least once or twice a year. Last year in August we went out to Palisade and had an awesome family weekend visiting the wineries and having some great laughs. Our Airbnb had this super creepy gnome in the yard so it became the joke of the weekend. We all kept hiding it in different places for someone to find (hence Brian and Anthony gifting us our own zombie gnome for our wedding!).

After leaving Palisade, Steve and I headed to Breckenridge, which was a first for both of us. We instantly fell in love. The quaint, unique shops, delicious food and cocktails, and of course the views made it feel so special. Hearthstone became an instant favorite spot where we went three times in two days. We ended up celebrating our welcome dinner there with our family the night before the wedding.

For the proposal, Steve had a whole plan that quickly went south due to Covid restrictions. He planned on proposing at Sapphire Point, but it was unfortunately closed. He quickly had to find a backup spot the morning of the proposal. Someone from our hotel suggested Blue Lakes so, after several hours of transportation issues, we started heading there… and then came the downpour. I suggested turning around and going back but Steve was adamant about us going there and having our picnic he so carefully packed for us. So on we went in the pouring rain for our picnic. It started to slow down as we arrived and was just drizzling so we decided to push on. Thank God we did. The rain stopped and we found this beautiful, secluded area right next to the lake where we built a Little Rock sculpture together and then Steve got down on one knee. I was so stunned I forgot to say yes right away, but then shouted “that’s a big fat yes!” while jumping into his arms.

Fast forward to wedding planning and having to make the difficult choice to forgo the big wedding due to all of the Covid issues we saw our friends having. We decided it was fate to elope at Sapphire Point and we wanted to bring along those closest to us – our immediate families and our bridal party. Our vision for the weekend was an intimate, personalized ceremony followed by a house party, totally our style. We love music, dancing, and sharing good food and drinks with our loved ones and we did exactly that. We wanted the location to be the highlight and we selected the villa based on its Tuscan look and awesome bar and patio areas. The menu was a joint collaboration influenced by Steve’s brother, Brian Hubner, and his friend, RJ Harvey, who are phenomenal private chefs in Denver. We wanted it to be an experience and have things on the menu that were a little different from typical wedding menus, almost like elevated BBQ.

My favorite moment from the day was when Steve and I were delivering our vows we had written to each other. It was raining and then snowing that morning, but during our ceremony it was beautiful, as if the clouds parted just for us. As Steve was reading his vows, the sun came out and there was a bluejay behind him in the tree. The moment just felt so ethereal, like it was all meant to be. I remember feeling this deep emotion like there was so much love surrounding us that you could see and feel it. It was beautiful. I also had a blast playing flip cup later with our friends and family and singing and dancing all night – it was by far the best day of my life.”

Steve shares, “It’s hard for me to pick just one favorite moment from the day so I’ll share my top two that came to mind. First would be when we finished our “I do’s” at Sapphire Point and we finally got to celebrate with friends and family. I remember everything looking so scenic and the way things turned out with the weather was just amazing. It was one of the happiest moments for me to be at such a beautiful place surrounded by the love of my life and the people closest to us. I’ll never forget that.

Second, another top moment for me was when we got back to the villa and were able to finally sneak off for a quiet moment together. Our private chef set aside a nice plate of all the good stuff from cocktail hour that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on, having barely eaten all day. The food was absolutely delicious and I remember being able to finally take a breath and relax for a moment with my wife. Although we spent the last couple of hours together during our ceremony, taking pictures, etc., we really didn’t have a chance to just talk and take everything in. It was a much needed moment alone and gave us the quick recharge we needed before the party really got started.”

Congratulations Steph and Steve!

Special thanks to the team:

Venue: Sapphire Point
Venue: Private home
Caterer/Chefs: RJ Harvey, Flavor Geek and Brian Hubner, 2 Taste Catering
Hair and Makeup: Rachel Wise, Wise Artistry
Vow Books: TheCozyComfyHome on Etsy
Ring Box: MUUJEE on Etsy
Shot Ski: Blank Canvas by Potter on Etsy
Mugs: GlamCoDesign on Etsy
Bride’s Dress: Stella York, The Bridal Manor, Sewell, NJ
Groom’s Suit: JoS. A. Bank
Videographer: Hillhound Productions
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt Photography


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Noelle and Patrick love the aspen trees! We went to the Kenosha Pass area to capture them in all their glory for their engagement session.

Noelle and Patrick met in Denver in March 2017, introduced by a mutual friend (and future maid of honor). Patrick was new to town and their relationship flourished as they bonded enjoying the beautiful outdoors in Colorado.

Noelle shares, “Fast forward to July 2021 when Patrick and I were back in my hometown of Babylon, NY, enjoying a casual walk to town to meet my parents for dinner. Patrick popped down on one knee and proposed at the local docks. Surrounded by my family in the town I grew up in–I couldn’t have been more excited.

The big day is scheduled for October 15, 2022, at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park in NYC. Patrick and I will be thrilled to be joined by our families and friends to tie the knot and begin the next chapter of our lives together as Mr. & Mrs. Blusanovics!”

Congratulations Noelle and Patrick!


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Sarah and William came to visit Colorado from Atlanta and celebrate their engagement!

William shares, “Our lives intersected because of a shared interest. We met while taking part in the same powerlifting group. The group met a few nights a week and there was never a shortage of laughs between the two of us. It wasn’t until the program eventually ended that we started spending time with each other outside the gym. It was immediately apparent what a great connection we had. Not long after, me, Sarah, and her two cute rambunctious dachshunds moved to our own place in a quiet neighborhood in Smyrna, GA. As time has passed we’ve started building plans for our future and have decided to officially tie the knot in November. We can’t wait for our wedding and will be celebrating with our close friends and family for a garden ceremony and reception in Decatur, Georgia.

Who knows where we are heading next, but we’ve been eyeing the mountains of Colorado for our next home. We wanted to explore the area further and took the opportunity to have our engagement photos taken with the beautiful backdrop of Evergreen Lake.”

Happy engagement Sarah and William!


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Leenae and Chad were married at a beautiful mountain getaway in Evergreen, Colorado. The Juniper Mountain House is a unique modern lodge with spacious grounds and a meadow for ceremonies, tucked away in the forest.

Congratulations Leenae and Chad!

Click here to see photos from their engagement session at Red Rocks.

Special thanks to the team:
Venue: Juniper Mountain House
Coordinator: Gina Yeon
Florist: Yarrow and Spruce
Photographer: Jessica Schmitt Photography


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I met the couple in the main parking lot of the Garden of the Gods loop while raindrops poured down on our windshields. There was a chance of rain in the forecast, but it was a small chance and we decided to go for it. I’m so glad we did! Even though it was looking bleak for a little while, we could see some blue sky in the distance, which eventually opened up to a beautiful evening.

When the rain stopped it had made all the colors more vibrant, greens looked super lush and the sky became so dramatic.

The bride-to-be shares, “We’re traveling and visiting friends in Colorado and decided to take some engagement photos to capture the scenery we can’t get on the East Coast. So far on the trip our favorites have been Pikes Peak, Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and all the good food in the Denver area.”

Congratulations, you two!


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