Hi! I’m so excited that you are here and I’m excited to introduce myself to you! When you are looking for a photographer it is so important to find someone who you will enjoy working with and being around all day on your wedding day. And that is why I think it is so important for us to make sure we click. I have a post all about my style and approach to a wedding day. This post is a little bit about me, my background, my family and my life.

Some snapshots:

I was born in Northern Virginia and grew up with a very loving family. My childhood was all about Care Bears, Disney movies and 80’s music.

I met my husband at a Halloween party when I was a senior in high school. He was dressed as a hippie. Later that night we both asked our friend, Peter, for each other’s numbers.

I moved to NYC to go to college at Pratt Institute. I studied graphic design, advertising and photography and earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Direction.

I started my career as a Junior Art Director at a major ad agency in Manhattan where I got to work on campaigns for Puff Tissues, UBS Bank, Whirlpool and ThermaCare.

I lived in NYC for about 15 years and I miss it every day. The energy, theater, art, food–everything was incredible. Central Park (especially in the fall) is my favorite place in the whole world.

I got married in a small ceremony in Central Park in NYC on June 2, 2007. Getting married and hiring a photographer made me realize I wanted to be a wedding photographer.

My husband and I went to Paris on our honeymoon. We have since been to London, Southern Germany, Austria, Rome, Florence, Venice, and the Bahamas. We also love taking trips often to Miami and San Diego and taking our kids to Disneyland. We have trips to Hawaii and Banff planned. Spain and Iceland are on my bucket list.

In October of 2009, I photographed my first wedding. I vividly remember getting a very happy email from the bride after I delivered the photos and I burst into tears. This was going to work!

I absolutely love my job and feel so lucky every time a couple decides to book me.

We moved to Northeast Denver in 2018 and love living here.

My husband and I have three amazing kids: Ollie, Augie and Rosie. They fill our lives with joy, inspiration and so much laughter.

I think being a bride and being a mom has made me a better wedding photographer. I have gone through it all. I understand how overwhelming and wonderful wedding planning can be. I’m great with kids and families, understanding needs and complexities, being in control and being direct, but always kind, dealing with problems and being flexible.

And now, for fun, here are some of my favorite things:

Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
Favorite Food: Maryland steamed crabs, anything with chocolate
Favorite TV Show: The Office, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Currently Watching: The Bear
Last Concert: Maggie Rogers at Red Rocks
Go-to Restaurant: Anything at Stanley Market
Starbucks Order: Vanilla Latte
Favorite meal to cook for my family: Tacos!
Favorite part of a wedding day: When the couple walks back down the aisle after the first kiss! SO full of JOY!

Want know more about my style and approach to wedding photography? Click here.

Check out more of my work here.

Planning your wedding? I’d love to connect! Contact me here.


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My photography business is centered around great service and I have been honored to receive hundreds of excellent reviews and many national awards. I think this is because I focus my service on communication with my couples, lots of preparation and research, a strong work ethic and dedication to my craft. It also helps that I absolutely LOVE MY JOB!

Every step of the way I work to keep your experience stress-free and enjoyable.

My style is classic and timeless. I like to do a mix of portrait and candid photo-journalistic shots, with a focus on real emotion and candid moments. My goal is to make everything as easy for you as possible while capturing every special moment in an artistic and beautiful way. I also think having lots of variety is important. For example, for the couple’s portraits, you will receive some that are more romantic, some that are more editorial, some that are fun, and some that are classic. 

Here are a few details about the process:

Before our consultation: I will look up the sunset time on your wedding day to see how it might affect your schedule. I research your venue online to see other weddings that have taken place there and how particular areas will look in photographs. 

During our consultation: I love to hear about the two of you! Your backgrounds, how you met, the proposal and your plans for your wedding day. I will also tell you a little bit about myself and my style and answer any of your questions.
Most couples tell me they are either a bit camera shy and feel like they don’t know what to do or don’t like to have their photograph taken. It’s ok! I’ve got you! You shouldn’t know what to do. I will guide you through every step of the way and help you feel comfortable and, hopefully, even, have fun!

Engagement photos: I highly recommend planning an engagement session so that we are able to work together before the wedding day. This can be fun and casual and actually brings an ease to your wedding day. When I am shooting couple’s portraits it will be so much more comfortable because you will already be familiar with my direction and posing and know what to expect. 

Before the wedding day: I will help you plan your schedule to make the most of your photography and make the most of your time. I have tips for how we can maximize all the group portraits and fit special photos into your timeline, like sunset or nighttime portraits. When the schedule is planned out the best way it can be, most of my couples are able to enjoy a large portion of their cocktail hour!
I will also ask you lots of questions to make sure all goes smoothly–everything from any concerns you have about looking your best in your photos to making sure I understand any family sensitivities. 

On the wedding day: I’m here for you. I arrive early to scout out the venue and best photo locations. I am always thinking about your timeline and getting the best shots I can, but I am also happy to grab you a water, carry your bouquet and help in any way I can.

Editing your photos: My editing style is also very natural and classic with a focus on bright images and true-to-life color. I edit every photo for light, color, contrast and cropping. I also do minor retouching such as removing exit signs from the background of your first dance. 

Delivery: I deliver a sneak peek the day after your wedding, a blog post with around 30 images in 2-3 weeks and your full gallery of photos within 5 weeks. All of your high-resolution digital images will be delivered through a password protected online gallery. You will be able to download and print images directly from your online gallery. I typically deliver around 600-800 images for an 8-hour wedding day.

Throughout the year: I follow and take classes from other wedding industry leaders to stay sharp, observe new trends and learn new techniques for my business.

Want to know more about me? Click here.

Check out more of my work here.

Planning your wedding? I’d love to connect! Contact me here.


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Sending out lots of love for holiday happiness from my family to yours!


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On May 10, 2022 we welcomed our third child. Hello, Rosie! Eric and I are thrilled and we are all doing really well. Her two big brothers have been wonderful and we are all so happy to be a family of five!


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mt falcon maternity

We’ve got BIG NEWS! Eric and I are thrilled to share that we are expecting our third baby in May! We’ve got tons of excitement and some stories to share.  

We have two wonderful little boys and I was sure we were going to have a third boy right from the beginning. In the fall, we had done a genetic blood test and were awaiting the results. Eric and I photographed a wedding in Georgia in November and were in the airport security line on our way home to Denver, when I received a text message, “Your results are now available.” We decided to get through the line and go sit down. The first message told us the wonderful news that our baby was healthy and low risk for any genetic concerns. The second message told us we were having a GIRL!

Sitting in the crowded waiting area of the terminal, I smacked Eric’s arm. Total disbelief. Tears. Hugs. I will never forget it! I immediately asked him to check that my name was correct on the results, so sure they had sent me the wrong information. Then I asked him to check the accuracy. Everything was correct and almost 100% accurate. WHAT??!!

I still don’t believe it! Although that hasn’t kept me from buying little bows and dresses and a whole lot of PINK..! 

mt falcon maternity

The next step was telling Ollie and Augie (5 and 2 at the time), who didn’t know a baby was on the way yet. We did some research and found a great way to tell them — have a party! We bought pink balloons, pink flowers and pink cupcakes! When the kids got home from school we told them we had a surprise. I think Ollie thought the cupcakes were the surprise! But then we asked him why he thought there was so much PINK!? As soon as we told him he said, “WOW!” Augie was a little too young to understand what was going on, but was also very excited for cupcakes. 

Since then, Ollie has recommended some really great baby names including, “Nacho Cheese, Tuna, and Batman.”  

Sharing this news with our family and friends has been wonderful! Thank you for all the sweet messages, comments and likes we’ve been getting from everyone.

Our house is about to get a lot LOUDER! and we can’t wait!

baby sonogram










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