Puppy Love on Dog Beach

Olga and David are coming up on their one-year wedding anniversary in June and decided to celebrate by going to the beach as a family. Before their trip, we took a mini-trip to a dog beach to celebrate the new addition to their family, a puppy named Misha.

We met at the Down’s Park Dog Beach in Pasadena, Maryland.

Dog Beach, Pasadena, Maryland

Olga shares, “Misha is a border collie puppy we adopted from a farm in Prince Frederick, MD. He is full of energy and love, with mouth wide open, full of sharp little teeth, we call him our little dinosaur.  David and I wanted our soon-to-be 13-year-old border collie, Maggie, to have a playmate and a little brother. David also surprised me by making this wonderful addition to the family as my birthday gift – one I will always treasure!”
Dog Beach, Pasadena, Maryland
Dog Park Beach, Pasadena, Maryland

Dog Beach, Anne Arundel County, Pasadena, Maryland

Dog Beach, Down's Park, Pasadena, Maryland

Misha loves his big sister, Maggie, and is always following her wherever she goes.

Olga continues, “Misha loves to play tug, chase his tail, pounce, and is eager to learn having already mastered a few simple commands. His name means “bear” in Russian. We chose this name for him because I had another dog named Misha who had passed away and I miss him dearly.”

Dog Beach, Pasadena, Maryland

Dog Beach, Pasadena, Maryland

Dog Beach, Down's Park, Pasadena, Maryland

Collie Shepard, Dog Beach

Maggie is David’s “little girl.” David got Maggie for his 12th birthday and has taken care of her since. Maggie is extremely loyal, loving, and always playful. She may be considered a senior dog, but she has the energy of a puppy and that’s why Misha is the perfect companion for her.

Dog Beach, Pasadena, Maryland

Congratulations to Olga and David on your new puppy and upcoming anniversary!

Collie Shepard


  1. Jessica Baker says:

    I was searching for dog parks near me, and stumbled across this post. I had to comment, because I absolutely LOVE these pictures and Border Collies. I have one of my own, and treat her like my child 🙂 Great pictures!










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