Personal Post: My Puppy, Josie, is 4 Months Old!

Happy 4-month birthday, Josie!

This is my new favorite photo of my sweet little French bulldog puppy. She looks like a little alien of cuteness.

French Bulldog, Dog Photography, NYC

Josie has earned some new nicknames: smush, mushy face, pipsqueak, munchkin, little girl, baby girl, sweetie pie, cutie pie, snuggle bunny, psycho, weirdo, gremlin, crazy dog, chewy, chewbacca, pooper, poop monster, annnnnnd… love bug.

Last week I had a wedding and a few engagement sessions in Maryland so Eric and I brought Josie along to experience a yard for the first time at my parents’ house. Josie was ready to check it out right away.

French Bulldog, Dog Photography, NYC

She LOVED running through the yard with Eric and chasing my parents’ beagle, Jenny.

French Bulldog, Dog Photography, NYC

French Bulldog, Dog Photography, Maryland

Our NYC vet told us we need to keep her inside until she has all of her shots because being out in the city she will be susceptible to disease. He also told us if she is in a suburban area with dogs we know that she will be ok. We were so excited to finally let her outside! She learned how to go up steps, became very fond of eating dandelions and has grown a fear of airplanes flying overhead that will make her hide under patio furniture.

Next week she gets her last shot and we can finally take her to Central Park and walk her through our neighborhood on the Upper West Side.

French Bulldog, Dog Photography, NYC

French Bulldog, Dog Photography, Puppy, NYC

French Bulldog, Dog Photography, NYC

She just got a brand new collar so she can be ready to go out to the park next week.

At first she hated it and had “collar depression.” But she is getting used to wearing it.

French Bulldog Puppy, NYC photographer

She gets bigger and cuter every day since we brought her home in March.

Happy 4 months Josie!

French Bulldog, Dog Photography, NYC


  1. jess says:

    Hi Kelsey, I worked with a pet boutique on the UES that worked with breeders. Unfortunately, the shop is no longer in business. Good luck to you!

  2. Kelsey Steger says:

    Where did you get this Frenchie?? I love her body style and complexion, I’m in the process of looking for one myself!

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  4. Jan Vest says:

    Josie is so adorable. It is impossible not to love our precious pets. She just looks like a little snugglier–it would be hard not to just pick her up and squeeze her. I know Doug and I are that way with the boxer “Joe” that we adopted last June. He is the light of our day. Best thing we ever did.

    I enjoy so much looking at your beautiful wedding pictures. And now Josie’s pictures.
    Your Mom keeps me informed of your new blogs that she knows I will enjoy. You just have the greatest Mom.










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