Wedding Photos Finally Captured for Sophie and Michael in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sophie and Michael are an incredible couple who work together as photographers and business owners of Michael Kormos Photography. They reached out to me with the specific idea of taking the wedding photos they had always wished to capture.

Wedding Photography Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Sophie shares, “It’s never too late to capture your wedding portraits.  It’s been five years since our wedding. Our wedding photographer cancelled on the morning of our big day. His wife thought she was having contractions (two months early!), which turned out to be a false alarm, but the damage was done…. The best images we have from our wedding were captured by family and friends, mostly on their phones or point-and-shoot cameras.  As much as we love and appreciate these images, we never had a chance to capture the beautiful works of art that we’d dreamed of displaying in our home.

Fast-forward five years, and we’ve accomplished so much.  We have two beautiful children, a lovely home, and our very own business. Still, there were those painfully empty frames hanging on our bedroom walls. As a celebration of our fifth anniversary, I decided that it was finally time to fill those frames. It’s been five years since our wedding, but I fall more in love with Michael each and every day.  He’s an incredible husband, father, business partner, and best friend.  I look forward to many more years of awesome adventures with him by my side.”

Wedding Photography Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Sophie wanted the majority of her photos taken against a white brick wall. This is different from what I normally do with many different locations and backgrounds.

But sometimes all you need is a happy couple in love and a really great wall.

Brooklyn NY, wedding photography

Williamsburg Wedding Photography, Brooklyn, New York

New York City Wedding Photography, Brooklyn

Wedding Photography Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Wedding Photography Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn NYC Wedding photography

Wedding Photography Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn, NY Wedding Photography

Brooklyn NY wedding

Happy anniversary to Sophie and Michael!

Wedding Photography Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC


  1. jess says:

    Michael, I’m so glad you love them! I was honored to re-capture your wedding photos for you. I had so much fun with you guys!

  2. Jessica, these look great! Love them all. Thanks for a great time during the shoot, and Sophie and I are looking forward to seeing all the rest!










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