Ollie is ONE! A year of FUN!

This year has been amazing. We’ve watched our baby grow into a sweet, silly, giggly little boy. He was born on Easter weekend and took a trip home in a taxi to our apartment on the Upper West Side. In his first year he has done so much! He has visited family, spent a lot of time in Central Park, took trips to Maryland, Virginia, Miami and North Carolina, visited the American Museum of Natural History, the Zoo, and the library, watched the Macy’s Day Parade floats pass by, and had some fancy meals out where he decided guacamole is his favorite food. He loves to dance, point, wave, clap and he tries very hard to snap. Boxes are the best. Socks are the worst. And Josie is his best friend. Life is good!

birthday balloon tassles

We had a little party for him in Maryland and shared some of our favorite photos in a slideshow. I’m excited to also share it here. It’s long, but hey, it’s a whole year!

As a mom, who is also a professional photographer, I have taken more than my fair share of photos of him. I just hope that as he continues to grow he likes to look at the photos and I don’t hear “No mom, not another one!” too often.

For his birthday he got to have cake for the first time. His Grammy and I made him a funfetti cake to SMASH!

birthday cake smash, 1st birthday

birthday cake smash, first birthday

birthday cake smash, first birthday

birthday cake smash, 1st birthday

He immediately went into the bathtub.

This birthday was so much fun! I hope that every year he has more and more to celebrate.

I had never thought of birthdays this way until I had Ollie, but I feel like it is a big accomplishment for me and Eric that Ollie is one. We made it. We survived a year of parenthood! And we ate cake too… 🙂


  1. Jennie Armon says:

    HAPPY BDAY OLLIE! I loooove the picture of him covered in cake. Jess, you’re the best mother of all time. Congrats on him being one and congrats to you guys for surviving!










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