This Father’s Day is extra special! It’s my husband’s first one with Ollie!


I gave Eric a card that reads, “The husband part was always amazing. Then the dad thing came along and you just totally rocked.” It is so true!


You two make me smile so much every single day!


This year was also my brother’s first Father’s Day! I’m sending out a big hug to him! You are an awesome dad, Mike!




Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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Baby coming soon! Happy Fall with Ollie! 1st Father’s Day Ollie is here!

I am so excited to be be celebrating my first Mother’s Day! Ollie was born on March 26th and it has been an amazing, crazy, wonderful, sleep-deprived six weeks so far.

Mother's Day

I’m feeling super lucky to call these two guys my family. And how adorable is my baby in a jean jacket?!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Wishing all the moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day!


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Baby coming soon! Happy Fall with Ollie! 1st Father’s Day Ollie is here!



Oliver Blair came ten days early! Born March 26, 2016 weighing six pounds and fifteen ounces, Ollie has already stolen our hearts.


We’ve been at home for one week and, of course, I can’t stop taking photos of him! He is already so expressive.

nyc baby photography professional

baby photography nyc

This is my favorite photo so far. His head is so tiny it fits right in his daddy’s hand. So sweet!

nyc baby photography

newborn baby photography nyc

I’m so happy to share this very exciting time in our lives. Thank you to everyone who has written us such wonderful comments on facebook! I was so touched to get so many nice messages from past brides and grooms I have worked with, along with all our amazing friends and family. This baby is already SO loved.

More photos coming soon! Also, check out our maternity photos here.


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Baby coming soon! Happy Fall with Ollie! 1st Father’s Day Happy Summer!


I am so, so, SO excited to announce I’M PREGNANT!  What’s more exciting? He will be here in one month! My husband, Eric, and I are expecting our first child, a baby boy due April 5.

maternity nyc

maternity nyc photography

maternity nyc photography

maternity nyc photography

We took these maternity photos on a whim one day in Central Park. We had those amazingly warm days back in December when I was about five months pregnant and decided to take our tripod out for a quick shoot. We knew it would be too cold for outdoor photos later in the pregnancy, so this turned out to be the perfect time.

I feel very lucky. I’m feeling great and me and the baby have been healthy every step of the way.

It was difficult to keep quiet, but we decided to keep the news off the Internet for most of the pregnancy. We wanted to enjoy this time with our close friends and family, but now we just can’t wait! I joke with Eric all the time and say, “Do you have any idea how many pictures I am going to take of this baby!” and he responds with, “Yes, yes I do.” We will be sharing more photos when our baby is born and as time goes by.

This year is going to be awesome! I love shooting weddings and am continuing to work and book for 2016 and beyond. Soon I will have a new little photo assistant hanging out with me editing photos (along with our dog, Josie, of course)!

I went to visit Meg, one of my best and oldest friends, in San Diego in March. I had been telling Eric I wanted to visit her for years and he surprised me with plane tickets for Christmas.

We had five days full of fun, including an awesome Mexican dinner in Old Town San Diego, a day at the San Diego Zoo and a morning at the gorgeous Carlsbad Flower Fields.

Carlsbad Flower Fields California

Carlsbad Flower Fields California

Here are some fun iPhone photos from our trip.

San Diego sunsets look like they should have pearly gates leading up to them. Gorgeous.

Eric took these great shots of Meg’s son, Max, while I was busy trying to stick my feet in the freezing ocean.

San Diego

San Diego

Meg, Justin and Max, thank you so much for having us! I can’t wait to come back!












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