Personal Post: Celebrating Five Years

On June 2, 2007, I married my best friend.

We had an intimate ceremony in New York City at Wagner Cove in Central Park followed by a dinner reception at the Loeb Boat House. It was the perfect day.

Being a wedding photographer myself, it always surprises me to look back at my own wedding photos. I love every single one of them. Each one is precious in a different way, reminding me of the joy I felt with every moment captured. I think about how the couples I work with will look back at the photographs I have taken and hope that they feel the same way.

We celebrated our five-year anniversary early by going to the Bahamas, but we also wanted to do something on June 2, the actual anniversary of the day we were married. We spent the day in Central Park and walked along the same paths we took on our wedding day. We stopped for a photo near the Bethesda Fountain and set up our handy little gorilla pod to get this photo.

Eric, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! As we said in our vows, “to infinity and beyond!”

My smile in this photo is 99% love, 1% laughter because I wasn’t sure the timer went off?!

We went back to the Loeb Boat House for dinner. It was WONDERFUL! We had the perfect 72-degree, sunny, breezy day and so enjoyed looking out at the lake. We also had some amazing food, and both agree that the best part of the meal was our lobster appetizer drizzled in black truffle oil. Eric even said it was so good he would have “switched his steak out for three servings of the appetizer!”

Here is to five more years, and more, and more…!












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