Central Park Portraits: Congratulations Amy and Jason!

Amy and Jason live in Australia and were married this summer in Hawaii! They traveled to NYC for their honeymoon and wanted to get photos in the spot where Jason proposed–in Central Park on Gapstow Bridge.

Gapstow Bridge Photography, NYC

Gapstow Bridge Photography, NYC

Gapstow Bridge Photography, NYC

Pulitzer Fountain, Plaza Hotel, Photography, NYC

Amy shares, “Jason and I met just over two years ago when we least expected it, and we had an instant connection. It was truly like meeting your other half. We knew very early on that we were meant to be together. I moved into his house four weeks after dating, and we haven’t looked back since. People always say the first year of living together is the hardest, I don’t know what’s been hard about it, because we have never been so happy, we never fight, and our love for each other just grows and grows. It’s been the most amazing two years for both of us.”

Gapstow Bridge, Central Park, NYC

Gapstow Bridge Photography, NYC

Gapstow Bridge, Central Park Wedding Photography

Gapstow Bridge Photography, NYC

Bethesda Terrace Wedding Photography, Central Park

Bethesda Terrace Wedding Photography, Central Park

Jason shares, “I knew when I first saw Amy that she was going to be mine. I fell in love with her smile, and her beautiful eyes. I’ve never been this happy my whole life, and Amy always knows how to make me smile. She is an amazing woman.  I was so nervous proposing to Amy, even though I was pretty sure she was going to say yes! But I’ve never been so nervous in the days leading up to our wedding because I just wanted everything to be perfect and I didn’t want to stuff up my vows. Luckily the day was perfect and Amy looked stunning. It’s so great I can now call her my wife.”

Bow Bridge Wedding Photography, Central Park

Wedding Photographer, Central Park

Central Park Wedding Photography

NYC Central Park Wedding Photography

I was so happy to have a two-hour session with Amy and Jason. It had just rained in the park so no one was around and we could get some really great shots without the crowds. We started at the southern tip of Central Park near the Plaza Hotel and Gapstow Bridge and made our way to the Mall, Bethesda Terrace, Bow Bridge and Cherry Hill Fountain.

Bethesda Terrace Wedding Photography, Central Park

Fountain Central Park Wedding Photography

Congratulations Amy and Jason!


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  2. Jennie says:

    I love the black and white one with the bridge and the water. Also the one of them in the grass is great. Conrgats to them!










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