Hoboken Waterfront and Train Station: Happy Engagement Lauren and Sean!

Lauren and Sean are such a sweet couple! I met them along the Hoboken Waterfront for their engagement photography session. We were so lucky to have a mildly warm winter day for their shoot.

Hoboken waterfront engagement photography

Hoboken NJ engagement

Lauren shares their proposal story, “Sean and my twin sister talked for weeks about getting the ring and how he would propose. My sister and I tell each other EVERYTHING and the fact that she kept this a secret from me is still hard to believe. Sean had a plan to throw me off for Christmas and told me that he was buying me a kettlebell for Christmas. He really did get me a pink kettlebell (which I love!) but that wasn’t the only gift. I think Sean was going to wait until Christmas Eve or Christmas to propose but Sean (and my sister!) couldn’t wait any longer so the weekend before Christmas, at 11:30 at night, he put the ring under my pillow and told me that he had a small present for me under my pillow. I was so excited and did not sleep at all that night.”

They chose to have their engagement session in Hoboken because that is where they met, went on their first date, and had their first kiss. They add, “We still spend the majority of our time in Hoboken and it will always be a special place for us to visit.”

Hoboken NJ waterfront engagement

Hoboken hudson river engagement photography

Hoboken NJ wedding engagement photography

Hoboken wedding photography

Hoboken train station railroad engagement photography

Hoboken NJ train station wedding engagement photography

Hoboken NJ train station wedding engagement photography

Hoboken train station engagement photography

Hoboken NJ rail road engagement photography

Sporty Excercise clothes engagement photography

They are both very athletic. Sean played football and basketball growing up and now loves Olympic weightlifting. Lauren started gymnastics at the age of 2 and continued to compete at a Division I college and now loves to do Crossfit.

She shares the story of how they met, “I started going to CKO, which is a kickboxing gym in Hoboken, and seriously needed to get back into shape. Sean was a kickboxing instructor and personal trainer at CKO. I would always take his classes. He was one of the hardest instructors and it definitely helped that he was also nice to look at! I like to say that he was impressed by my kickboxing skills and he asked me if I wanted to workout with him and lift some weights. I was a gymnast in college so when I was able to do unassisted pull-ups the first time we trained together, I think he was sold. It started off with us working out together and then we decided to grab some dinner after the gym one night and that is when it all began! Going to the gym and lifting weights is something that we both love to do together and it has definitely made our relationship even stronger….couples that lift together, stay together!”

Hoboken kick boxing sports engagement photography

Hoboken waterfront engagement photography NJ

Hoboken excercise clothes sports engagement photography

They will be married this November at Nanina’s in the Park in Belleville, NJ. Lauren adds, “We both come from very big families (Sean is 1 of 7 children in his family, 5 sisters and 1 brother!) so our wedding is going to be big with lots of people, lots of food and lots of dancing!”

Happy Engagement Lauren and Sean!


  1. Tiernan Close says:

    Sean & Lauren,
    This is the most beautiful story! I love the pictures of you both. You look so wonderful. Fitz, I am so happy for you that you have met such a wonderful girl to share your life with. Lauren, I am so happy that you have found Sean. He is a wonderful and dear friend and I know that you both will find so much happiness together. Sending lot of love and blessings to you both!

  2. Dad Fitzpatrick says:

    We love you both and could not be happier for you both. We believe that you will have a great partnership forever!










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